The Dallas Cowboys football circus thread

Don't need a TE either they have Ferguson. I'm not a big fan of taking "depth" players in the first few rounds of the draft. Thats where you draft positions of need.
Are we still talking about BEFORE the last draft? I already addressed Ferguson working out but LaPorta is an upgrade…as were several other TE options. Someone insisted on a second or third day graded talent being jumped on in the first and I’m betting it wasn’t the scouts…so therefore not Stephen…so a Jerry wild hair. Allz I’m saying. Now the Boys are sweating whether Gilmore is returning to the Patriots. But they’re FINE with two corners…one returning from an injury.
So you think Zeke is a better option than any of the RB they could have drafted late in round 3? Wright, Allen, Davis, Estime? I personally don't think so.
I think they will pick up a proven back before training camp. Maybe a Kareem Hunt or a Cam Akers.

Don't believe Royce Freeman even makes it to training camp the cut a check for his guaranteed money and see you later.
As a short yard specialist Zeke was sorely missed last year. We suffered in the red zone. Pollard is a good back, but he could not run for those tough short yardage situations.

Dallas seems to be going for the mindset of "if we have a good o-line we can plug in any back and have a good enough run game". I think there is some truth to that in today's NFL, but it would be nice to see someone you know is capable of handling the #1 rb duties.

If they had that 4th round pick instead of dealing it for Trey Lance, that's likely used on a rb imo.
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Allen lifted 225 35-40 times correct?
Something like that. At the pro bowl skills challenge. Story goes that the first time he went up against Reggie White, Reggie just embarrassed him the whole game and Larry vowed then to be the strongest man in the NFL. And the rest is legendary history.
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