The Atlanta Braves Thread: Bad Takes and Good Bakes

He’s better than Pearl just by not nuking his own program with a lie and getting a Show Cause.
Bruce nuked himself more than the program, but yes, you can argue Rick is better than Bruce purely because Rick hasn't done something like that. Their records are pretty similar, with Bruce actually going one step further in the NCAAT.
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One area Bruce would seem to have an advantage over Barnes would be in-game adjustments. When Bruce's teams don't play well, it seems like it is because they got off the bus not ready to play, but he is more capable at tweaking stuff and getting back in games. In contrast, if Rick's guys don't have it any given night, then they don't have it.

They are both really good recruiters; Rick runs a much cleaner program and you don't have to worry about him as much as you do Bruce.
Pearl got a show cause for having a barbeque with a recruit then lying. That's SOP now, as it should be. NCAA a joke that got told so by the highest court. (Edit: unanimously)
I'm rooting for Soroka to make a comeback,but he's had everything thrown in his direction regarding injuries. I enjoyed him before he got hurt. A big guy with really good stuff and a heck of a future in front of him.

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