The Atlanta Braves Thread - 3 Peat


The Albies and Acuna Show
Aug 31, 2007
Sports are so stupid and awesome all at the same time.
But this is why we love sports. Guarantano 2019 is an endorsement of sports. It’s the story of a quarterback who came into the season with high expectations, who struggled so badly that he had to be benched, who hung in there with class and a much-needed sense of humor, who seems to have clicked with this Jim Chaney offense and shrugged off the pressure, who has been essential in this stretch of four wins in five games, who came off the bench for an ineffective Maurer at halftime Saturday at Kentucky and engineered a gigantic win, and who has arrived here through a broken left hand and fan disapproval that hasn’t exactly been subtle. It’s also an example of how differently a college football player can be viewed, inside and outside a program. Teammate affection for Guarantano has been rampant amid this renaissance.

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