The 2019 NFL Season Thread

Aug 13, 2008
1) Ever since the Oilers moved to Tennessee our attendance has suffered. People who would regularly come to games from Nashville now have to decide between spending their money on The Vols or The Titans.
2) I've always hated the Titans for having the nerve to call themselves Tennessee. It’s confusing, they should have been the Nashville Titans.

I took this from a Minnesota article.....
”The Minnesota Golden Gopher football program has had real trouble gaining and maintaining a strong fan base over the past 40 years or so. For some folks, the reason why is simple: the downfall of the once powerful Gopher program coincides almost exactly with the creation and rise of the NFL Minnesota Vikings. Since the late 60's Minnesota has been dominated by the Vikings, and the Gophers have been a complete afterthought.”
Citation please. And I don't mean just showing attendance figures, I mean show that what you're claiming caused said attendance drop.

I used to go to several UT and Titans' games in the same season and even the same weekends from 1999 to the mid 2000s. Both stadiums full of home team fans. Then a funny thing happened...both teams started blowing chunks for an extended time. Also in case you haven't noticed, attendance for pretty much every major sport continues to drop.

As far as the name thing; I mean I think they should be the Nashville Titans too, but if you think it's confusing that may be saying more about you.

Your Minnesota example isn't actually helping your case considering their downfall was becasue the program started to suck. They didn't start sucking because the Vikings showed up, they started sucking and people stopped caring.

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Jan 16, 2010
But you can have Marinelli step in as interim HC just to shake things up. What can it hurt at this point?
I thought it interesting during the broadcast that Aikman asked “who would you even trust to manage in the interim if you let go of Garrett now?” He clearly doesn’t think much of any of the coaches on that staff.
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