Thanks, Seniors! Best Wishes For the Future!



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Dec 20, 2014
Thank you, Rennia, Kasi, and Jaiden. You all represented the Lady Vol traditions in the highest regard.

Re and've both had quite the ride over your four years. From lows to highs, you've been steadfast throughout. Can't tell you how much we fans appreciate your loyalty and leadership. It's truly been a pleasure watching your games grow and, more importantly, watching your growth as strong young women.

Jaiden, you've also had your own unique journey and challenges. We were privileged to watch you last year, always bringing the strong effort and never backing down. Injuries this year kept you off the court, but you remained a leader on the sidelines. That's never easy to do but a great example and help to your team.

May your experiences and memories here always be a positive influence in your future successes.

Thank you, Lady Vols For Life!

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