Thank you for your service!



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Jul 21, 2009
Thank you for your service.

Not a hollow slogan, a Veteran’s service means sacrificing things the average civilian takes for granted. Missed anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, spent in the cold and rain as the veteran prepares with his unit for the fateful day when duty calls them to a foreign land. Service means the veteran has felt, heard, seen and smelled things that are so violent and troubling but that cannot be merely “shaken off”. The veteran has suffered through pain and anguish, cried tears of relief and tears of sadness for comrades lost. War follows and visits in nightmares. Battle buddies lost in fighting whether during times of hostility or from exposure to wartime poisons or from suicide; the final act to stop the pain.

Today, when you thank a veteran for their service, know he or she thinks of it differently than you do, but that it means a lot just to hear the words. The sacrifice doesn’t go unappreciated.

So to all my fellow veterans regardless of branch of service, thank you for serving this great nation of ours. May God grant you peace and joy on this day, YOUR day! REDLEGS!
Above, they are training to fly B24s as a crew. Below, they’re in Italy after flying combat missions. They’re gone, now, but I thank them for their service and one in particular for siring me a few years after the war’s end.


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Call him druken Ira Hayes, he won't answer any more....
Not that whiskey drinking Indian, a Marine
Who went to War......

Every one should know this Story, and if not
Then Google it, I tried to post the whole song but the post was too big.
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