Terrell Owens



Sep 28, 2004
I gotta say you cant turn on radio or tv and not hear the latest with TO...everyone is so down on him. Yeah hes a lil gabby but he is leading the league in several catagories. Hes playing with mcnabb like they have been plain pitch n catch for years. I say he should adopt dr peppers motto.. be you do what you do. He hasnt been involved in crimes like some have that have gotten less critisizing airtime. like your randy moss, like the ravens LB lewis...or even the ravens rb jamal lewis. he just scores, moves the chains and does it with flair. Yeah hes a showboat but thats what makes pro sports a party.
Yeah TO gets a bad rap for all of his "Me" behavior . . . but you've got to admit it is pretty funny.

This whole thing with the Monday Night Football opening is so hypocritical. I think it was probably not a good idea to do it, but it's comical to see people act so indignant about it like it's the most horrible thing they've ever seen. :shakehead:
TO is great for the NFL...I'm not a big fan of the NFL personally but i love to watch Owens play, he makes excitement, and makes you want to either hate him or love him. I am a Cleveland Browns fan, and when he came to Cleveland and ripped down the sign no one was really that surprised, but the Sharpie incident brought him into the spot light as the "cocky, arrogant, self loving" TO people love to see come up with a new way to make headlines.
was wonderin if any of ya'll saw the bob costas interview he did with TO. His background growing up poor with his grandmother. he had a inferiororty complex and his grandma in her last words told him 'your as good as any of em and better than most of em'. I see that coming out of his behavior on the field and in his comments, like hes on a mission to prove to the world that he is terrell owens the best wide reciever there is, when he learns he only has to prove it to himself he'll have finally beaten this demon and i believe his inflammatory comments will lessen.
Has anybody seen the ESPN Video Games commercial with him in it?

"'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
And Terrell Owens is the best reciever in the NFL. Okay, that didn't rhyme but y'all know it's true"

:eek:lol: That was a great moment.
I think people are way too hard on TO.

That said, whenever I see him I cant help but think of Leon.

Sports Journalist: " There is no 'I' in team."
Leon: "Aint no We in it either."

The newer ones have me cracking up as well.

This is Leon's good side!! If that's your good side, then you better stick to radio.

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