*****Tennessee vs Vandy full game video



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Aug 31, 2013
I was travelling so I had to listen tot the game on the radio. THANKFULLY WLAC in Nashville 1510 AM carries the Vandy games...and they are a full power, clear channel 50k watt station....and that Vandy play by play guy is the most annoying Vandy homer I've ever heard. Right before the game resumed after the delay in the 4th he was talking about in some circumstances how they might just call the game...but at 28-10 "Vandy is very much still in this...and if they weren't they would call this game". Yeah...7 mins left and Vandy was gonna come back? The guy was just annoying as he!!.

Interesting that WLAC in Nashville WAS a Vol network station for years. I don't know when they changed to Vandy. It makes sense they would be a Vandy station..being in Nashville and all...but I would rely on them to hear Vol games and the show "Vol calls" for years....then they switched a couple years ago I guess. Man...we used to own the state of Tennessee...AND Nashville.

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