Tennessee vs. LSU in the Super Regional

Dec 7, 2015
It is. Unless you wanna watch the UT football game while the Buckeye’s are playing. Even then it was pretty fun, but...
1996 I was moving to WY from VA. We stayed in Denver a few days. I was pissed the bar where we were hanging couldn’t get the Tiger High game.

After seeing the score, I was no longer pissed I didn’t see it.
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Rufus X. Sarsaparilli
Dec 11, 2009
So I plan on getting in line for ticket for standing room only. I know I will have to be there bright and early to be in the front of the line. My question is do you think anyone would care if I posted up with a chair and cooler full of beer outside the ticket office at the stadium. Would campus police and Knoxville PD make an issue of drinking beer and pre gaming in front of the stadium till I got my tickets?
I was already thinking the same, my main concern is restroom facility if I’m drinking several hours worth of beer.

I wonder also what time to get there

Also, you’d think the gate keepers would let SRO people bring a stool? Could you imagine if the school had thought about installing a long shelf or table on that rail to make standing more comfortable? Why not go to a few of the party rental places and rent a 100 or so barstools.
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