Tennessee Volunteers Baseball Merchandise Thread (Including Player NIL Products & Events) & Link to the Volnation Store(Post #1)

The Nike Aero are 1-2 sizes larger than normal. True on every Tennessee cap I've bought so sar.
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The jerseys still running on the smaller side? I’m going to get a black one. The cream one I have is a little smaller than size
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SALE 19.99




SKU: 478061p


Kirby Connell Grey Wordmark Shirsey tee. 100% cotton.

*A portion of the proceeds go to the athlete as part of an NIL deal.

In case it helps anyone with budgeting for future purchases...

Vitello hinted we'd have some updated uniforms in the podcast he did with 11.7's dude that came to campus.
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Tennessee Volunteers Nike Replica Baseball Jersey - White ONLY $62.99

In Stock - This item will ship within 1 business day.
Daily Deal: $62.99

Make sure to use the @Freak link so he gets credit👇

Another good deal that ends at midnight 2/15/2024

Tennessee Volunteers Champion Baseball Stack T-Shirt - Charcoal $22.39

Use The @Freak link 👇


Tennessee Volunteers Nike Replica Full-Button Baseball Jersey - Tennessee Orange​

In Stock - This item will ship within 1 business day.
$67.49 with code: CLICK
Ends midnight 2/16/2024

Use Freaks Link and make sure you type the code: Click
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Guys and Gals, don’t forget by using @Freak ‘s Fanatics link below, you help support Volnation and get your products at no additional cost.

So if you order Vols baseball gear, show your appreciation and use this link below.


This link for the Volnation store can also be found on the upper right hand corner of this page.
I don’t see it anywhere, maybe it’s a team issued gear, not sold to the general public.
The team issues stuff is awesome and they would sell a ton of it. Back in the 90s if Nike made it for team it was all for sell even authentic jerseys. Was so cool for other schools cause Nike made their jerseys. You could have a complete UNC uniform with warm up shirt back then lol
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