Tennessee or Arkansas as No. 1 tomorrow?

I mean it almost has to be us. I can’t see them giving it to Arkansas after losing a series (albeit to a good Kentucky team **that we just nearly swept at their house**).

My probably wrong guess:
1) Tennessee
2) Arkansas
3) Clemson
4) A&M
5) Kentucky
I'm assuming that, baseball being a sport so rich in objective statistics, it would not be a significant recruiting pitch to boast about another #1 ranking.

Agreed, or not?
Does the Lipscomb loss affect this at all, or is it understood by those who make the rankings that that was not the typical starting lineup?
We haven’t lost an SEC series since playing Alabama in Tuscaloosa—that’s (I believe) seven in a row. A&M just lost 2/3 to a team we swept (though we did play them at home and they played them on the road). Arkansas lost 2/3 in Lexington and we were a shoddy inning away from winning all three in Lexington.

Unless the voters come out of nowhere and decide they suddenly care a lot about Tennessee’s first midweek loss, I’ll be surprised if the Vols aren’t #1. I guess we’ll see if it’s unanimous across all polls.
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Will be nice to see both the men and lady Vols ranked #1 👍
Lady Vols can't get there.

#1 Texas swept Texas Tech. Texas is a consensus #1 in Coaches poll, Softball America and ESPN polls
They can likely get to #2 in the ESPN poll since Oklahoma lost 2 at home to Oklahoma State. However, OkState was #4 so they may jump UT to #2
Perfect Game has the following order:

1. Tennessee
2. Texas A&M
3. Clemson
4. Kentucky
5. Arkansas

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