Tennessee is now favored in Saturdays game

Dec 9, 2010
If Tennessee has better a red zone TD/FG ratio this game, they will handle UK most likely. No matter the Quarterback. Kentucky is actually worse than Tennessee in RZ.
If the Tennessee defense keeps the plays in front of them and makes open field tackles, UK will have trouble making enough first downs. Containment of Bowden!
If it turns out to be a Special Teams battle, Tennessee has the upper hand on FG% and returning.
If the Tennessee offense can't make plays on running downs, it will be a tough game for them. Some good Quarterback runs would help and don't run that WR run play.
If Tennessee gets more runs to the right guard/tackle hole(noticed big holes unutilized by runners here.), they could get big plays or force UK to hold a defender closer to that side. This usually happens when the tight ends motion to the left and Tennessee always will run that way. Essentially making an up the middle run with poor results.
Tennessee scoring offense 24.7ppg UK scoring offense 21.3ppg Advantage TN 3.4ppg
Tennessee scoring defense 24.1ppg Uk scoring defense 21.3ppg Advantage UK 1.8ppg
TN offensive scoring advantage - UK defensive scoring advantage 3.4-1.8=1.6 point advantage Tennessee
That stat is close to the line not including home field.
If I wasn't working Saturday and coupled a Day Drinking Event with a viewing of the game, I would enjoy this hard fought contest much better.
Tennesee does what it needs to UT 27- UK 17

go hokies

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Feb 14, 2010
according to vegasinider.com at the time of this post, none of the 16 sportsbooks listed have Tennessee favored over Kentucky. 9 sportsbooks have Kentucky favored by 1. 6 sportsbooks have the game as a pickem game. 1 sportsbook has Kentucky favored by 1 and 1/2. Of course the odds may change before kickoff.

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