Tales of a Car Salesman


Absolut Orange
Nov 8, 2004
Got my wife (didn't have a choice) a 2017 Pilot couple months ago with 39K on it. Paid for their 8/120 warranty so it's cost free on everything out to 160K. EX-L version. They had 2 in impeccable condition, but the AWD had almost 80K on it, so we went with the FWD. I call them mid-sized, but very roomy. Excellent vehicle and don't regret the choice. Excellent dealership too. The hood had alot of road nicks on it like the owner was behind a gravel truck. Rest of vehicle immaculate. they had just took on trade day before. They had hood repainted for us. That Honda dealership in Cookeville had got into some lawsuits over shady dealings against customers and the new ownership is making an effort to repair the rep. My criteria was something that didn't make friends with the service department. The last Honda I had (93 Accord EX) was the best vehicle I've owned to date outside of my 94 Toyota 4x4. I can't complain about the Merc Milan Premier though. Loaded for an 07. Bought it with 31K and have put 200K extra on it and it still runs great. Son took it over.

Side note: One lawsuit on the previous dealer owners is for forging a moms co-sign on a car loan for the 18 year old daughter. another was for stripping a trade-in car down for parts the day after, and the buyer changed their mind within the 72 hour period and had no car to get back. Another was for artificially showing a trade-in value, but not really giving it against the purchase. They had like 5 major lawsuits. not petty stuff.

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