Sports Card Collectors!

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This thread about cards just brought up a lot of nostalgia for me so I ordered one of those blaster packs from the site listed above yesterday. It was the first time I've spent money on cards in probably 25 years. This is why I love Volnation. I feel like a kid again waiting on this pack to come to see what I pull. I'll let you guys know if I get anything of note.
Well, are officially hooked AGAIN!!
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I think a few years ago when Velus Jones was drafted, Panini had a card of him but the picture was of Nigel Warrior.

Disnt notice that one - which card was it ? Velus was #1 and Warrior was # 18

I've looked all over eBay and can not find this error card anywhere. All the Velus cards I can find in his Tennessee uniform it's #1.
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Another rather stupid error is by Leaf - EVERY card they made of Julian Phillips has his last name spelled wrong -- even the PSA idiots didnt catch it

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