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Went to the Nashville show this morning with my son. Man, hadn’t been to a show in years. That was a TON of tables and a bit overwhelming.
I was there yesterday the entire seven hours plus stayed for some of trade night. I skipped today but will probably go back tomorrow to look for last-day deals. I mostly collect soccer but I did buy one card for my 1955 All Americans collection. Biggest pickup was a Kaka/Pirlo dual auto /15. Got some other solid soccer legend autos and much #d parallels of current and recently retired players.

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A few pick ups from this week. We have had zero luck with Topps Update, hobby or jumbo. The best cards were pulled out of a Walmart blaster.
If you guys collect baseball and like prospect cards, do yourself a favor and get some Topps pro debut. I love them and they are $3 per pack, best bang for your buck!!
Bought a couple blasters today. One of 2022 topps chrome platinum and another of 2023 Bowman Platinum. Got some good pulls and 2 definitely really good for blasters.

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Man, those were some nice blasters!
That Strider is really nice.
I’ve been on the fence with the Bowman platinum but you probably just convinced me to get some.

22 Topps Chrome platinum is probably my favorite baseball set so far. 23 Bowman platinum was only 24.98 for the blaster....I thought they would have been atleast 30. I like the design on those Bowman a lot.
I'll tell you what man....I know a lot of people hate on Leaf...but they put out some of the best RPA's on the market in my opinion.
I have a few Leaf autos in my PC but you're right about people hating on the product. Superstar soccer autos on Leaf product sell for 10-20% of same players on Topps/Panini products.
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