Someone posted on Facebook that TOS is saying Aubrey Solomon doubtful


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Aug 7, 2009
Haha, nah, I was just trying to back you on the wording. "Is good" is usually good news, "gotta believe in" etc.. usually a struggle.

Guess an orange would mean UT related, just don't know if it's waiver related. Plus, I just wait till it's confirmed.

Unless he's 1 of the pride filled guys that always includes the orange. Tell me I get to play at UT and I'm sticking an orange on err'thing.πŸ˜…
I was being facetious Bro, haha, I'm not trying to figure any of that stuff out. I just hope it all works out in our favor, and if it doesn't, we'll still suit up and play 12 or more games of football.

Type Orange+

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Jan 3, 2017
Best post. Sadly though a waste of time as this site is dominated by the low IQ, low emotional intelligence, feeler perceivers with inferiority complexes. Oh, and with conspiracy theorist brains. You left out ESPN hates us and all of the recruiting services hate us. And ONLY us. I was told the rep of this site was poor due to the low EIQ/IQ before I started participating. It's worse than I was told. If you can't accept it, change it. If you cant change it leave it. These hysterics won't change regardless of how many facts, evidence or rational arguments presented. Trying to get them to suggests we'd like to see a change so that we're conversing with rational adults rather than hysterical children. We're wasting our time.
Well aren't you just a huckleberry above a persimmon.

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