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Aug 24, 2018
It looks like this is all about frikkin' Harbaugh:

Tennessee football: Does Luke Fickell vs. Jim Harbaugh explain Aubrey Solomon’s status?

by Caleb Calhoun10 hours ago Follow @calebcalhoun

Michigan Wolverines transfer Aubrey Solomon is in NCAA limbo with the Tennessee football Volunteers. Luke Fickell vs. Jim Harbaugh explains the Vols issue.

Despite announcing his intentions to transfer back in December, Tennessee footballdefensive lineman Aubrey Solomon, who was once a five-star recruit and worked with the first-team all spring, has been waiting on his eligibility waiver from the NCAA. The Vols desperately need to know given how dire their situation is up front.
However, while the NCAA has been clearing transfers left and right, most recently Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jordan Travis, who transferred from the Louisville Cardinals, Solomon has been playing the waiting game. And the season is two weeks out.

Well, now we may have the answer. Tennessee football may be dealing with a bitter coach in Jim Harbaugh. An ESPN article in February went into detail about the vagueness of the NCAA’s decision making on granting eligibility waivers to transfers, and it does seem to suggest that coaches of the school the player is transferring from can make it difficult.
Harbaugh’s character on that front was revealed with another player. Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Luke Fickell blasted Harbaugh in an article in The Athletic about the way he went after another Michigan transfer, offensive lineman James Hudson.
Hudson’s appeal for a waiver to immediately play for Cincinnati this year was denied back in July. Fickell says that Michigan did not back the waiver. Now, Fickell’s complaining seemed to be a bit much, as he couldn’t point to outright evidence of sabotage. He simply criticized Harbaugh for not aggressively backing the kid, which Harbaugh doesn’t have to do given Hudson transferring away.

But it may help explain why Tennessee football can’t get Solomon cleared to play. If Harbaugh, for no reason, will do that with other transfers, why should we believe he’s not doing the same with Solomon? Harbaugh has clearly shown bitterness in the past at NCAA rules that don’t benefit him. Maybe that applies to transfers from his program.
Maybe Fickel was the cause! LOL

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