Should we give a nickname to the Vandy/Tennessee game?

Tin Man

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Mar 9, 2015
Well, I feel better for not knowing WTH a "kybo" is, because according to this Urban Dictionary entry, it "is found behind houses in Arkansas, Alabama, and other places where people drawl."

I don't live in a place where people drawl.
Clearly, you weren't a Boy Scout, and you've not ridden RAGBRAI. The Urban Dictionary is fun, but it is inadvisable to rely upon it as a sole reference.

Are you familiar with alliteration?

It should not be a stretch to discern the link from Commodores to commode doors to Kybos.

You have yourself a fine day, now, ya hear?


The One True Morty
Oct 26, 2014
1. Yes, we have this discussion every November.

2. No, we never come up with a name. (Even the Tennessean abruptly dropped efforts to name it in the run-up to the 2016 game.)

3. Yes, it's a rivalry, particularly if you live in Greater Nashville. We've been playing them forever. Georgia dominates Tech but it's still a rivalry. Any in-state, continuously played series is a rivalry. If it's not, why do we play it. We dominate Kentucky but it's a rivalry and used to have the beer barrel.

4. Yes, it needs a name.

5. Yes, you DAs who pooh-pooh the idea of a name, or that this is a rivalry, are way too dumb to have some fun. Get over your DA selves.

6. I like the aforementioned Crockett Bowl. Or the Whisky Barrel. Or the U.S. 70 Showdown or Skirmish. Or the I-40 Fight. Or the Country-Bluegrass Bowl. (Music Bowl is sort of taken but it would be good.) Or the Battle of the Cumberlands (the river v. the avenue). Or the Battle of the 'Villes (Knox v. Nash). Or the OverMountain Skirmish.

I'll contribute my royalty checks to the University if one of these is chosen.
If we are going to name it, OverMountain Skirmish sounds kinda cool. Trophy could have a guitar and fiddle on it to pay homage to the state's music history.

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