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Absolut Orange
Nov 8, 2004
So, are you saying he was a great OC but was never a great head coach because he couldn’t or didn’t hire good DC. That may be the same for Kiffin and a number of offensive coordinators. Fact is, you have to have both to become a. Championship coach. Good example is Kirby. He was a great DC, but it took a few years to get the offense to be good enough to win a championship.
Nope. Never said that. Didn't even address his time as an OC. I said his legacy would be as Texas Tech HC, even though he proved his offense would work in two other conferences. TT is where he changed the landscape of college offenses accross the country beyond his own mind. My only comment about his DC's was that if he had ever had one that could produce a D on par with his O, his record would have been monumental. In no way does that comment detract from his genius.

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