SEC Lifts Ban on Alcohol Sales in Stadiums


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Jan 6, 2017
So, I'm aware that Georgia is requiring a $25k donation to cover five years of the right to purchase beer at a special location that doesn't overlook the field at Sanford Stadium. I've also read that Auburn, Alabama and Mississippi State are not going to be adjusting their alcohol policies for the upcoming athletic season.

That being said, have any SEC schools stated that they will be selling beer and wine in a less-restrictive manner than UGA? I'm sure that it takes time to figure out the best way in which to logistically manage the sale of alcohol, but I'm thinking that the ten remaining schools (UT included, obviously) must be seriously considering how to make this happen for Week 1 since they haven't shot down the idea outright.

Edit 6/13: Looks as if Texas A&M will be selling alcohol to all fans 21 and older!
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