Season Ticket Screw Job



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Mar 5, 2008
You'd have to ask them. My guess is that most are now in later stages of life and are just content to take their money and go spend it elsewhere. My dad and his group love going to games, but they/he isn't likely to spend another dime more to do it, either in litigation or increased cost. I'd guess he's fine with that. He'll stay home and watch it on tv. Can't say how many others will feel the same.
I will be 84 in October and I do not plan on attending night basketball games at TBL. I live an hour away from the Arena an many of the games will be somewhere on TV . If the SEC Network live up to what they should do, all the game would b on TV. Anyway, The cost of everything always goes up and usually at a rare higher than those on Social Security get in the COLA. Point, many of us old dudes can sit back and let you young guns argue where you want to spend your money. You certainly have more options than those of us who are in the last 20-25 years of our Basketball and football watching careers.
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