Season FB Tix section S. 30 yard line - great seats.



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Sep 5, 2015
I have 2 season tickets available in Sec S Row 32 for 2020 season available. These are great seats on the 30 yd line for all 8 home games with good seat neighbors. Near end of aisle too. Very easy access from outside the stadium down Peyton Manning Pass as you walk in gate go up 5 stairs and head straight to the tunnel. Seats to the left 2 rows rows down. About as easy in and out of stadium as you can get. Very accessible restrooms and concessions dedicated to Sections S-V above the main concourse. I can get a drink or hit the restroom (no lines) and be back in my seats during a TV timeout and not miss a play. Sun is at your back, not in your face. Picture attached with actual view from seats.

The face value for tickets are $450 per ticket (2) or $900 plus already paid annual donation of $2500 for the pair. Selling all 8 games for $1800. If interested email at I have 2 extras Tix next to these and will prioritize you for them if you need extras based on my family needs game by game.

Go Vols!


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