‘23 SC WR Devin Hyatt (Arizona)

He isn’t in our 2023 class. THAT is our staff’s opinion of him. You don’t like it, so you refuse to drop it. They are not going to give you a call to discuss it, so you’re just going to have to live with disappointment.

Him being a part of our 85 has not been in question. Him being worthy of a PWO if he did not recieve a scholly offer above a threshold has been the question. The family eliminated that by accepting the Arizona offer, still a P5 offer I guess. Was there a hard correlation to his announcement and our accepting the PWO from the kid from Morristown? Seems we did have a spot between 86 and 105 allocated for a WR.

I would have welcomed adding a legacy player for a bargain, but will now flip my attention to Mr. Roberts and him coming from off the board to running through the T. Gonna trust THIS staff's evaluation skills and speculate there has to be something there to accept him now rather than wait for the next wave of portal opportunities. Will the star gazers be asking questions or making declarative statements? I can't find anything other than the highlights in his thread. Will be fun to follow.

OH, good luck to ALL the Hyatts. Hope Jalin wants to be an All-in VFL starting with the draft.
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