'25 SC DB Onis Konanbanny

Tennessee did a nice job with Onis Konanbanny during his official visit, and the Vols left the weekend with plenty of reasons to feel good about this recruitment. But watching his timeline will be key in our opinion, as this one could go all kinds of different ways if it continues to draw out closer to or into the season.
The Vols would absolutely take four cornerback bodies in this class due to the positional versatility they feel like each one possesses, and Konanbanny would be the final piece of the puzzle.
I only see highlights from his sophomore year.
What about last season?
AP has confirmed he committed during the photo shoot portion of the visit. Which was on Staleys IG Live.

Question is does it stick till he goes public?

I’d say all signs say yes but obviously never know!
This is exactly what Boogie Bentley said that it was on a Instagram live, but has since been deleted, so there’s no proof to it anymore. I feel strong. He will be a good guy soon!
Tennessee left June in a great spot for four-star cornerback Onis Konanbanny, and they have maintained momentum since. He has strong relationships on Rocky Top and has been to Knoxville seven times now. We look for him to make a decision sometime next month, with Florida State and North Carolina remaining very much in the picture here. He told us it could be August 2nd or the 15th.

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