Rennia Appreciation Post



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Dec 31, 2016
The top 4 picks in the WNBA, and she will be one, make only $68,000 a year. That is not much more than the value of a UT out of state scholarship. It is not like what NBA where the #4 pick can set you up for life. I guess all the WNBA players play in other more remunerative leagues on top of the WNBA, so she probably stands to make a lot more if she augments her play in the WNBA with overseas play. But at first glance, it doesn't appear like a huge sacrifice to stay. She sure is fun to watch-a slashing 6"2" "3" who can rebound. She could play a long time in the WNBA.
She can make money honey as a TV chef or chef.
She never get the respect she deserves like Rodney Dangerfield , I pray to God that UT retire her number with a banner in the rafter.
Her numbers are among the elite of UT with Holdsclaw, Catching, and Parker.
The only difference is the above had a elite coach and players surrounding. She played during our school and nation worst of times and
She didn't run off like some and didn't get the boot because of her conduct.
Let anyone show me where THIS PLAYER doesn't deserve the highest honors ever.
Recruited last and remained last and don't think
SC wasn't trying to steal her.
I love Rennia Davis and pray and believe she will
will have a championship and more in the WNBA.
Nuff said. Prophet and power 2 the people.

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