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Jan 19, 2010
You seriously think that the government doesent have its hands in private school too?
Nope. They are on their own curriculum and schedule. Completely separate from the public school. Christian based out of a church.
All of those mask mandates and school from home crap the public kids had to do didn’t apply.


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Oct 1, 2010
Private schooling, in my experience, was waaay more left of center than what ive witnessed in public schooling.
Being that they’re private, you’ll see a wide variance based off of fundamental beliefs and mission. Big difference between and Protestant based school and a Arts centered school though both are private.
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Feb 3, 2013
They are targeting your kids in school.

We have kids graduating high school lacking basic math, language, scienec, and knowledge of history. Yet this needs to consume valuable instruction time? How about you teach kids math, language, science, and history and let parents decided what and when their kids learn about these other topics. The vast majority of parents don't want this taught in schools but public schools are shoving it down their throats. I hate how parents have too long sat on the side lines while the school systems pushed further and further into our roles as mentors and role models for our children. However, it is absolutely disgusting how they tell parents to shut up and go back to our corners while they continue to brainwash children starting as young as preschool. I tell you what. How about we don't shut up and you listen to us parents when it comes to what we will allow you to teach our children? How about that?


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Jan 25, 2015
Easily? Based on what? Who? Maybe you're right. Maybe its the only private HS in JC. Wasnt my experience at all in Pvte School.
Well public school is also very right leaning, at least in TN. Just thinking back to growing up we learned Columbus was a saint, manifest destiny was good, read 1984, Ayn Rand, everything about unfettered market capitalism and nothing about the triple bottom line or other ideas, read other right leaning novels, never even heard of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" until college, all the founders were traditional Christians and not that some were rational theists or deists (didn't even teach us deism), etc. At best we read a few paragraphs about Upton Siclair's work. We didn't read it though. That's about as far left as I remember anything being taught. Fwiw this was Knox County.

Fwiw not saying the above books weren't really good and shouldn't be taught, but there was zero balance. A lot of one side. Which is why I also think a lot of people think college can be left-leaning, because at that point a bit of left-leaning material can be shocking to most of us that learned one viewpoint growing up. I remember realizing how closeted I was just one semester into college and that was ETSU, not exactly a bastion of liberal thought lol.
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