Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)


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Dec 26, 2019
I'd venture to say very few of us have issues with calling out the staff, or having a complaint here and there. I've said some pretty harsh things about the staff myself, especially after a little too much whiskey on game night.

If you don't mind my being personal to you, though... you make it a point to post negative comments in every thread that you can, as often as you can. We don't mind your opinion, and we don't necessarily disagree with it... at least not wholeheartedly. We're just saying it gets old. I say "we" because I feel like I'm speaking for at least one or two other folks.
You’re 100% right. I feel this exact way. I have no issues with the calling out of the staff because it’s absolutely warranted. But flat trashing of the program that you’re a supposed “fan” of is cowardly & preposterous. It’s our job as fans to support undyingly and be critical when it’s warranted & necessary. I don’t get the whole gnashing of teeth and wailing, though. Good post, bud.
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Feb 12, 2013
Just set up a Robinhood account. I know absolutely nothing about investing. But I bought Carnival cruise lines, Fuelcell energy and limelight Networks this morning.

Give me tips.
i bought NIO at 2.00 and sold at 5.00. It’s now over $50 a share. I watched Tesla from about 200.00 and worried it was over priced. It went to 2000.00 then split. i feel like I can’t win.

basically I’ve learned to pick something that has a good upside and something you have interest in. If you invest with a company and don’t understand what they are doing it’s just a blind guess. Articles are written just like the sports articles. One will say a stock is over priced and another will say it’s ready to double. Be wary of them.

i Think the best way is to find some that have long term growth potential and just watch it go up a little at a time. One or two percent a week really adds up. High risk stocks like Carnival (and I own some) can give you an ulcer if you risk too much. With the virus it can swing 10% or more in a day.


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Jan 23, 2005
No that's my lot up above wears valley in the smokies.
We've looked at land all over NE TN. I'd love to snatch some up. Did you do all research by yourself? Know someone? What's best way to find these places? Beautiful lot man.

Looked on internet but, i abhor buying or shopping, on interwebs.

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