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So what do you want to do? Fire the best coach the VOLS have had? Bring back Bruce Pearl? His team didn't do too great in the tournament.

I’m for hiring someone who doesn’t let the other team go on a 15-2 run with a chance to go to the elite 8.

Maybe I expect to much, but I’m pretty sure my former aau coach would call a timeout before that happened.
I prayed Barnes would win this thing because it's the same thing with fans, they hate on him regardless of what his teams has achieved.. His team beat Gonzaga, Duke, Kansas, Alabama and Texas. They were ranked number 2 in the country.
And then unranked by seasons end…
They out rebounded us and had more points in the paint, they swarmed when we did get the ball in the paint and caused problems.

Their outrebounding wasn’t necessarily because they were more physical. A lot of long rebounds, and they were quicker. Swarming is not physicality. Their 2 post players were not more physical than us- the 7 footer literally flopped all game. Their post players combined for 5 points.

They were more aggressive and quicker and hit more shots.
And made two mistakes in that one minute. He looked lost and Aidoo and Uros were playing better
Uros disappeared after the first media timeout. Aidoo didn’t do much until almost the end of the game. Our bigs didnt play good outside of a few minutes. Uros can’t box out and had 2 rebounds
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Elevated from what? Have any of them consistently made the tournament and given them sweet 16 runs?

I'm asking because I haven't followed.

Like I said, there's a lot of gold gold out there.
He was at smaller schools but he hired Nate Oats…. Bobby Hurley at Buffalo… Johnny Dawkins ( probably his worse basketball hire) made UCF a better program…. He also hired felisha legette Jack to coach buffalos women’s team… she was extremely successful and now at Syracuse…. He also hired frost, Heupel, and leopold in football.
Regarding Alabama still being in:
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At the end of the day, this team truly overachieved. When you have an entire roster full of streaky shooters, you usually won't win near this many games. I appreciate what those guys gave for Tennessee, but personally I hope all the seniors leave and we bring in other players. The team might not do as well as this one, but I'm pretty confident this is by far the best you will get out of this particular team. GBO

Time for some guys to move on to better things
Need some younger guys in just like we do in the secondary of the football team
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He knows the characteristics of what he looks for in a coach… he has hired 3 basketball coaches that have elevated the program every time.

They do have a very clear idea of the kind of coaches they're looking for-- and they know who fits the profile. Rick Barnes will retire on his terms-- and UT will be ready. Not sure why people think UT is incapable of making a solid hire when the time comes. CRB is a good resource and, unless something changes, will be involved in passing the torch.
The main problem is no one in media will call them out. Coaches can’t call them out or they will be fined. But most importantly if you call out a ref, that ref will still call your games because there is very little accountability

Oh no doubt.

We get the national narrative after the Duke game, and then no one cares when there are awful calls in the next game. We will have Pat Adams again next year about 10 times. I quit watching for a few weeks this year because it’s insane how bad it is.
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