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None of them are coming back

I agree refs in college basketball are just bad and inconsistent. At about 5 minute mark when game was within reach, the bald headed ref called ball out of bounds on us when No. 23 of FAU hit it out. FAU then hit a three. That one bad call was a big turn in game. I do not think he was intentionally calling it against us, he just made a bad call and the other two did not see it.

Pretty sure it was Scirotto. He also called the Aidoo offensive foul and made another call that was awful. All were within a few minutes of game time.
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I also have to think to myself we lost our point guard, soul of the team, was always a threat from deep, and was a finalist for defensive player of the year before he got hurt. Honestly we probably shouldn't have made it as far as we did.
Yeah, we definitely overachieved based on the circumstances but we also should have won this game and we let 'em off the hook, as it were. Both are true imo
I prayed Barnes would win this thing because it's the same thing with fans, they hate on him regardless of what his teams has achieved.. His team beat Gonzaga, Duke, Kansas, Alabama and Texas. They were ranked number 2 in the country.

And didn’t win anything meaningful. Yay for participation trophies.
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He knows the characteristics of what he looks for in a coach… he has hired 3 basketball coaches that have elevated the program every time.
Elevated from what? Have any of them consistently made the tournament and given them sweet 16 runs?

I'm asking because I haven't followed.

Like I said, there's a lot of gold gold out there.
Barnes should stay until he's ready to retire. That said, he gets waaaay to much money to lose to teams like Florida Atlantic.

As each year passes, he’s moving down in salary. Pretty sure Ed Cooley just got 6 million per year at Georgetown. Not sure what Pitino got. Barnes got that raise because of timing.
Saw it coming when we was up 9 and let em close in that finally 3mins in 1st half plus they was outrebounding & out hustling us to every loose ball.. & the backside rotation on the D was awful. Wide open 3 after wide open 3 lucky they missed most in 1st half. Noone looked like they wanted to be there besides Santi. Mashack is a TO waiting to happen.. where the hell was ON?! I figured he'd come back down to earth but didn't score til a few mins left?! Trash... Phillips & Tobe barely played but they looked lost while they was out there. Honestly was predictable, rather it happened the 1st round instead of tonight with an Elite 8 & possible a Final 4 gift wrapped for the taking. Typical TN sports
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JJJ and Phillips have zero reasons to go pro, especially Phillips. Glad we're getting an infusion if talent with the incoming freshman and reshirts. Definitely need a really good transfer PG without question since ZZ has a long recovery ahead. Some guys need to go.

I still don’t understand how Phillips was a 5-star. Jordan Bowden was better than him at this point in their careers. (No dig at JB 3-star)
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Pretty sure it was Scirotto. He also called the Aidoo offensive foul and made another call that was awful. All were within a few minutes of game time.
The main problem is no one in media will call them out. Coaches can’t call them out or they will be fined. But most importantly if you call out a ref, that ref will still call your games because there is very little accountability
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