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Jan 11, 2008

Try this I just created it, hopefully that works. I'm equally internet challenged.
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond but I've been busy with work. I did get to watch somee of that game today........ What a win!

Thank everyone for their generosity and their prayers. We can't express how much it is appreciated. Thank you all!

Charlotte, the old lady in the photo on my go fund me, did not eat her feed again this evening. She is not showing signs of colic but we think she is slowing down. Just doing things on her own time. Tonight I put on her horse blanket to keep her warm, I'm the only one she trusts enough to put it on her. She is blind in one eye now and after dark she is completely night blind. Almost deaf but I talk to her close to her ear and put my hands on her so she knows I'm there in her stall.

After putting it on her she immediately ate the hay I gave her and drank some water. I just came back in from checking on her and she was finishing her feed. I think her day is soon coming but as long as she is not in pain or discomfort I plan on letting her choose her own time to go. I worry about her companion Ace, he is extremely buddy sour and I worry he won't take it well.

Bertha, our goat with an open, possibly cancerous sore is still doing well. She had her second round of antibiotic tonight. She is eating and being her normal cranky self. She loves scratches and people but doesn't like any of the other goats except her daughter.

Our four babies and their goat momma's are all doing well. They are growing quick and I can't wait to get them out with the herd under supervision and them run. I'll take pictures and share when I get them out into the sunlight for pictures. Here are a few bad pictures of them under heat lamps or flash. 9125.jpeg 8545.jpeg IMG_20230309_095638589_HDR.jpg

Again, thank you all. Your donations and most importantly your prayers and good wishes help immensely. I can literally feel the love, I can't thank you all enough!

I'm off to go to sleep after I check in on the animals for the last time this evening. Good night all!


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Sep 11, 2015
Most players box out, but Killer Miller will box you in.
If we do end up playing them in the Final Four, I want our cheering section to chant this every time that he has the ball.
”Killer, Miller…Killer, Miller”.
(another thing to shout is, “Hey, Brandon, find the shooter, you’re great at that”).

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