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Sep 6, 2010
Looking at the stats, Jalen is averaging 6.1 ypc so far, but 2 fumbles, although both were a little on the odd side. He's got to hang on to the ball. If he does, he could be pretty special.
Nothing a little stick 'em can't solve. A little on the gloves . A little on the jersey. Equipment crew should have him on point for Florida.


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Dec 7, 2017
Why is the FPI high on LSU to be us this year? They haven’t looked impressive by any means.
They haven't, but they have 4 more games to get it figured out and it'll be a road game for us. We are coming off a bye week though and they may be looking ahead to that tough stretch of games they play starting with us. @ Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, @ Arkansas coming out of the Bye we will be extra focused on them, but hopefully they won't be as focused on us. (we should be 4-0 at the that's probably wishful thinking that they'd be looking past us)


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Mar 5, 2007
Unnecessary Roughness

Are you buying or selling the 2-0 Tennessee Volunteers?

BUYING. I expected Tennessee to be the 2nd team in the SEC East this year. I still fully believe that they can be that, which means I am going to buy. I love Hendon Hooker, I like the way that this team is playing, I know that the Pitt game was weird and they had to win in overtime, however, I am buying them for the position that I expected them to be in. I'm not buying them to win the SEC or go to the playoff, but from where I expected this team to be, I will buy. I think that the Tennessee-Kentucky race will be a fun one.
Let me stop you there. The second best team in the SEC East... will be the Tennessee Volunteers. I am almost certain of it. They're better than Kentucky, they're better than Florida, they're better than everyone else in the East, besides Georgia. They're gonna score, and that is such a big question you have to answer. When they get in these games, and when it matters, can you score? I'm not sure that Florida is going to be able to answer yes. I'm not sure Kentucky is always going to be able to answer yes, because Kentucky couldn't move the ball in the first half on the ground or with their offensive line, and then they couldn't move the ball in the air in the second half. Kentucky is a good program, good team. Tennessee has that extra gear on offense that you're gonna need to stay in these games and to win these shootouts. They won a shootout against Kentucky last year, I see no reason they can't do it again. I am buying Tennessee.


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Apr 28, 2013
You owe it to yourselves to go back and watch the UK/UF game. It is revealing. It is why we call them Kensucky and also why it is time to put the UF jinx in the rearview with a thrashing.

Levis does not go through his progressions well at all, especially under pressure. As easily as they pulled away in the second half he still missed several wide open receivers in the middle of the field to throw into double and triple coverage underneath that he got away with. Their O-line does not block well on the run game, which was pretty obvious. So just use the Pitt D game plan on both UK and UF and make their QB's lives miserable because there is nothing else on the field to hurt you enough to beat you.

If UK or UF try to focus on just Hooker, we have a system and too many weapons at WR and RB for them to get away with it. A bad day at the office on O would be against a quality D like Pitt's in their house, which we still got 31 while leaving at least 14 points on the field with miscues and turnovers.

We have a real shot at a special season if we just keep growing and maturing as a team each week subject to Birmingham and injuries. I really like what Banks is putting together on D as a program. Hope we can keep him around for awhile.
Your Levi’s assessment would be spot on for Hooker as well.
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