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Nov 24, 2021
I've already shared a lot of Steele preseason mag info on Vols and our opponents. I'll bump in with some others now:


Conference Unit Rankings - Tennessee

Have us going 8-4(4-4) and finishing 2nd in the East. Means we beat Florida and Kentucky...

10/29 vs Kentucky is their only Game To Watch featuring the Vols

Tillman 1st Team All-SEC
Byron Young 1st Team All-SEC
Hooker 2nd Team
Carvin, Baron, Banks, Brooks 3rd Team

The opposing coach quote was basically that this offense guarantees 6 wins as long as you have a decent QB. If you have a good/great QB you can add 2-3 wins to that ceiling. Teams are going to get more and more film on the offense though so can Heupel and the QBs adjust.

- Hooker wrote a book.
- Grant Frerking runs NIL U
- Jalin Hyatt is ready to step up

Rising Star: Christian Charles
Recruit Spotlight: Marquarius White

Hooker #8 on Heisman Top 10 Candidates preseason list

Grading CFB 1st-Yr Head Coaches - Heupel - A
Christian Charles "rising star" at CB? That sounds promising. Hope he's correct.
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