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2020 Vols Decade!!!!
Aug 14, 2009
Even better than taking my girls to the game yesterday was having the privilege of baptizing them this am. Proudest moment of being a dad.

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Today’s sermon was all about anxiety and how to worry is one of the most abused sins! What a great service and as long as your young ones know they can do prayer about the root of worrying instead of wasting time praying for things they can not control their life is going to be so much more enjoyable!!!
Congratulations Brillo what a proud day to be called DAD


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Jan 6, 2017
His history is pretty impressive. He had 3 first team all conference OL in 2018 at UCF when they ran for a school record of almost 3500 yards. In 2017, his OL at Mizzou gave up 13 sacks all year. In 2015, his Arkansas State OL was top 60, giving up 25 sacks but going 8-0 in conference. In 2012, his MTSU OL was 3rd in country giving up 8 sacks all year.

He’s been nominated for the Broyles award twice. He has a great track record. He understands the position. Let’s give him some time to develop our guys and figure it out.
Thank You. That was the response I was looking for. It was an honest question because admittedly I don’t know much about him. Also we all know Will Friend was terrible (Harcore Georgia fans will tell you the same thing) I was curious if the last 3 or 4 years we just had really bad offensive lineman evaluations and they have hit their talent level? It is just disconcerting when you can’t even push lowly TN Tech off the line of scrimmage. Outside of Cade I just wonder if man for man if they have the strength to compete in this league.

On a positive note I have been thoroughly impressed with Banks considering the personnel he has to work with.

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