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De La Cloobs

The Vol is strong in this one.
Jul 6, 2019
My nephew breeds them. I swear half of them die right after birth. It's cruel and it pisses me off.
Poor breading killed the Bulldog breed. Had some friends who bought a show dog; poor thing died going on a walk because it couldn't breathe.

Dumb breeding by humans hurt the German Shepherds with "roach back" for a while and now it's hurting Australian Shepherds because everyone wants the Merle coloring which is an inferior trait but it's being force bred into the breed.

Grew up with a smart, healthy Australian Shepherd. Dude had a good long life till I graduated college. My childhood friend liked him so much he wanted one but his wife wanted the Merle coloring. Died within 4 years and was clearly mentally inferior.

Moral of the story, spend more for the good, healthy pedigree and you help the breed and your wallet in the long run. You'll also be more proud of your pup.

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