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We have the most visited NP in the nation. They know. I wish they didn't.
I've been to many of the landmarks when I was younger but weather was always bad. My wife and I went 4 or 5 years ago and got to stop at a lot of the better accessible sites. Something about those ancient mountains that make you feel so small yet powerful. And to be able to connect for a moment with your ancestors in a land less altered.

I really want to take my teenage daughter in the next year or so, before she's too old to want to go anywhere with us.
Banks is the only semi-SEC caliber player we have in the LB room. We need some dudes there.

*Maybe Willis but he has to be able to get on the field to help us*
People continue to sleep on Mohan. Did you guys not see the potential on the few snaps he did get? A good sign that a linebacker has potential is if he is always in on the tackle when on the field. Rather it was special teams or mop up duty, Mohan was in on the tackle. Sounds like freshman year JRM if you ask me.
As a token Christmas gift to @VOLSONLY. The next thing he posts, every one of us should give it a like for every crappy posts that he gave to us. Come on, let’s do our part. Come on @VOLSONLY, post a period or something. It’s the season for morans to give.
dont tail me what to do! Later redneck.
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