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Ulysees E. McGill

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Aug 12, 2009
😅🤣 at the end of the day you’re looking in another mans pockets.if you have an issue with him bettering his future as a possible high draft pick at another university who is established as “elite”,then as a “fan” what do you really hope for these kids to achieve?...finish their career out at a university with no draft promise because lack of coaching development and it’s your favorite football team..that’s kinda shallow.I love this university just as much as anyone but I’m always for someone making a move for themselves if they aren’t happy and helps them achieve their goals.
Pretty sure all the defensive coaches we have now have coached guys that were drafted. Playing a few snaps at Bama isn't going to make him anymore money than playing here like he agreed to, if he is good enough...he will get paid...

I hate players at other schools, especially Alabama, sooo screw him.

I don't understand this true cuckold really sickens me.


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Apr 3, 2011
Bull💩...I guess it is not supposed to bother people when their partners screw around and leave them for their enemies, or lead them on all the way to the altar bleeding them dry along the way only to just run off with your worst enemy? If that 💩 is ok with you, then you are literally a weirdo cuckold.

I despise the jerk and I hope he rots wherever he ends up, and I wish he had never put on the O&W...because I am a Tennessee Volunteer and I don't like faithless traitors that become our enemies.
I turned the other cheek.
If he doesn’t understand what it means to be a Volunteer, then he doesn’t deserve to stay. If he wants to go play somewhere else, it’s his loss.

The Tennessee Volunteers will not miss a beat. The football team will be better with a team of dedicated Volunteers.

Not gonna lose sleep over losing any of Pruitt’s bought players...


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Jul 28, 2018
Josh Heupel vs Lane Kiffin

A thought that occurred to me is that Heupel’s offense may have similar statistical metrics as Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss offense. Ole miss ranked 1st in the conference in 2020 for rushing offense, 3rd in the conference for passing offense, 1st in the conference in total offense, and 3rd in the conference in scoring offense.

They ranked first in the conference at 79.7 plays per game on offense and #13 in average time of possession per game.

Their defense ranked last in the conference in total defense, last in rushing defense, 13th in pass defense, and 13th in scoring defense. They also ranked 13th for the number of plays by the defense, 2nd most just behind Arkansas.

I think the problem in 2020 with Ole miss was their defensive line, the unit that I’ve been claiming will likely be the strength of our defense this year. jmo.

According to Football outsiders the Ole Miss defensive line ranked #116 in the nation in 2020. Ours was a bit better even without a coach, at #45. Their pass defense efficiency rating was just ahead of ours; They were 10th best, we were 11th best. Teams passed on Ole Miss 38.7 times per game and ran against them 39.1 times per game. For us we faced a pass 31.4 times per game and a run 38.5 times per game. We were ranked 5th in average yards per attempt allowed on the ground while Ole Miss was ranked 13th.

On the third Saturday in October this year Ole Miss is coming to Neyland Stadium and I think Rodney Garner’s guys may win the game for us if they can slow down Lane’s ground game otherwise we’re most likely going to have a shootout on the river. jmo.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Football not faith-filled food for fan fights.


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Oct 10, 2020
But on top of that, when reading of Noah, Churches and Bible stories always talk about 2 and 2 of animals on the Ark, but was does Scripture say? Crazy what many think vs what Scripture really says.
I agree. This may be an unpopular take, but it seems like churches are the "fake news/mainstream media" of the Bible. Selectively choosing what to focus on to fit their narrative and leaving out what doesn't.


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Aug 6, 2012
Fast food places, in general, are little miracles.

It's the lowest quality of frozen food prepared by folks mostly making a smidge over minimum wage. Despite that very rarely do I get food poisoning or have the food miss my admittedly low expectations.

The menus all have variety well beyond what a single restaurant should serve.

From a nutritional value per monetary unit perspective it's the most for the least that we've had access to since the Garden of Eden.

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