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Jan 30, 2021
If Tennessee loses to Florida Sunday, we will likely be tied for 6th in the SEC. Absolutely unreal how this season has gone
What I’ve grown to really like about college basketball is that despite how unwatchably inconsistent the Vols have been the last few weeks, everything is still in front of them, even if they lose to Florida. They can still turn it around in the SEC tournament and/or make a run in the NCAA tournament. If we somehow get to the sweet 16 or beyond, we will quickly forget the last few weeks. Time will tell...


Jan 17, 2010
He was a good recruiter for many years and Cut was a really good coach. I'm not totally discounting him, but without Cut he wasn't the same coach, at all, and it's very obvious.
Agree to some degree. We were solid from 1999-2004 without Cut. 2005 was bad and we definitely got better when he was back in 2006-07. 1999 was a big disappointment as it was probably the most talented team we had, but we laid an egg at Florida (yes, I know). After Tee left, 2000 was a bit of a struggle until Casey got some play. He was a fantastic recruiter. We had awesome talent until the end and I do believe his complacency and too much loyalty to the staff got him fired. That, and Mike Hamilton was the worst AD we have ever had.


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Apr 3, 2011
Volnation. Where problems are solved. Gonna give this a whirl and add it to my workout. Thanks, @IN Jed.

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Can’t find the original quote, but assuming Achilles Tendinitis?

If I can add to your treatment plan:
1. Stretches: The post that you quoted was correct. Straight knee best stretch for Gastrocnemius (crosses knee and ankle), bent knee focuses on Soleus (1 joint muscle only crosses ankle) Two joint muscles are the most commonly strained. Take the stretch only to the point of feeling a pull in the muscle. Hold for at least 60 seconds for each repetition.
Do not try to get there faster by stretching into painful zone, brain/body would then identify the stretch as an injury process and to protect against it, tighten the muscle further. Slow and steady wins the race here.

2. Get Voltaren gel. Now over the counter. Use minimum 2x per day. Max 4x. Topical anti-inflammatory that will pass through the skin. Perfect for Achilles Tendinitis. Diclofenac is generic if your insurance still covers it. Strength is 1% whether OTC or Rx...

3. Buy a Futuro Plantar Fasciitis Night Support. Costs <$30. Worth every penny. Wear it every night. Keep it on your bedside table, put it on at bedtime, take off in the morning. Nighttime and sleeping is where you lose all the daily stretching gains. This will prevent the loss of progress and allow you to improve much quicker. I recommend this rather than the Rx brace. Rx brace much more expensive and not nearly as comfortable.
You can buy it on Amazon, at CVS, Target, Walgreens, etc.

4. Most important part: Once the pain is gone, you are not done healing. If you stop when the pain does, it will return almost guaranteed. But the next time could be the big tear...
Once there’s no pain, can drop the stretching sets to once per day. Keep doing that and the Futuro brace for 2 months after the pain is gone. Then it will be a bad memory instead of a recurring nightmare.

Hope that helps you. Easily treatable, but a miserable experience if not treated correctly. Achilles tear is much worse. If you can’t get over the hump to better, find a doctor that can do an ultrasound guided PRP injection. Better than a steroid shot, but expensive. Insurance doesn’t cover. We charge $450, and we’re about 1/2 of the going rate in DFW... unfortunately, some doctors try to live off PRP/Stem cell injections and those clinics are pricey.

Sorry that this is such a long post, but this is exactly what I would tell you if I was treating you in my office...😎


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Feb 3, 2013


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Nov 17, 2012
Kirby can stay at Georgia as long as he wants. He's the Jeremy Pruitt deluxe package.
Lol one of us is primed for the playoffs... again. And one of us is spinning a new coaching staff... again. Kirby being at Georgia hasn’t been a good thing for us. Without bama checking them... they would have hardware in his first two years.
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Jan 23, 2009
This feels too optimistic for a Y1 UT HC, given our history, but man this schedule just doesn't concern me. 4-0 OOC should be very doable. USCe and Vandy are worse and also starting over. Ole Miss worries me a bit, but not more than being 50/50. Same with UK and Mizzou to a lesser degree.

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Reddit says 5-7

Actually it was 6-6 but they’ve recognized a 1 game positive bias in the Win column after all these years so 5-7 is the consensus. Take it to Vegas!


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Jan 17, 2011
Fulmer won with Cut as well as great recruiting when recruiting was not as big of deal as it is now. He stockpiled talent and had a great sales pitch/method in the home with the families. He won in the living room and kitchen. The winning at a high level continued after Cut first left because the system was already built and the talent was there to keep it going. Over time everybody else caught up in recruiting. The system never changed enough to challenge opponents. So, the program went into a tailspin. Cut comes back to right the ship. Cut then leaves again for the Duke job. Chavis was Chavis throughout and never kept up with the changes occurring with offenses. The D could no longer save Fulmer. Finished.

Hamilton was not a football guy like Dickey. He was a facilities and fund raising guy - more of a business guy. A knowledgeable sports or football guy at AD would have delivered better choices for the football program. Once the program headed downhill, it snowballed with incompetence from the top of UT to the bottom. Hopefully that ended earlier this year.

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