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Jan 24, 2021
I can tell how many people here have never tried to hire someone for a position before. You usually go through a lot of resumes, and the once narrowed down you do interviews. From those interviews you narrow it down even more and do a second round. Then you find a few you like and you talk with them further to see if they would be a good fit. Sometimes, they realize this might not be a good fit for them, so you move to the next candidate.

This is not a fast and easy process. Finding the right person who is a good fit never is.

Don't confuse our past coaching search time frames with what is happening. Look back at how those have turned out, and realize that this taking longer is actually a good thing.



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Jan 17, 2011
Give DW and CJH sufficient time to find the right guy. If you don't understand that it is a major challenge to bringing a quality DC with upside to this dumpster fire program and up to recently, athletic department, then it's on you and not them. Hopefully you realize that most of the athletic department senior staff and others have been cleaned out - which also ties into the investigations, which would not normally be the case. DW and CJH's jobs and careers are at a stake, so they want to do things right with what they have to work with. I'm just thankful they are willing to take it on and give their best effort. The pool of talent to hire from is limited due to all the issues.
Sep 24, 2013
My daughter does too. Trying to get her first job and may have finally found to right spot. It is for something called the Defensive Coordinator for the University of Tennessee Football Team. I'm honestly not sure if I want her taking it. Sounds like it may be rough sledding.

It is actually at a local pizza joint here in M'boro.
Sir Pizza? Spooky’s?


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Oct 27, 2012
Decent article for those with an Athletic sub. It's long but here are some excerpts.

‘Everything is a teaching moment’: How Butch Jones views his time at Tennessee

"“Tennessee’s a special place,” Jones said. “I’m very, very grateful for my time there. That’s basically where my family considers home. My sons, that’s where they were raised. It teaches you so many things. Good things and things that continue to make you grow and make you stronger. I’m a stronger person, my family is stronger because of those experiences. There were a lot of great experiences along the way but, you know, there were a lot of challenges as well. The scrutiny, obviously. Everyone wants to coach in a program that has very high expectations. That’s what you strive for."

More than three years later, does Jones feel his firing was fair?
“Well, that’s not for me to judge,” he said. “That decision was made, and you have to accept that decision and move on. You have to ask yourself, ‘How are you better for it?’ I’m truly grateful for my years in Knoxville. I’ll always have a passion for that place.”

When asked if he has advice for Heupel as someone who lived it, Tennessee’s 25th head coach kept it simple for Tennessee’s 27th head coach.
“Just be who he is,” Jones said. “Just be who he is and don’t let clutter distract you.
“Don’t change who you are.”


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Apr 3, 2011
True...but that was not my point. Look at what I made that comment about, and who I was responding to. No matter what kind of offense you run, if you run into a good defense playing a good game it will bog things down for that offense.
I can’t see who you were responding to. I must have them blocked.

I was just being a smartass...not going to work today, so I got to keep busy somehow.
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Jun 14, 2016
True story, I don't care if DW gets raked over the coals by media. He's getting paid big bucks and providing suspect results. Could he get the last laugh? Maybe. We will see.
Had he been able to land House, he would've gotten the last laugh. He's had a couple of chances to pull off a home run and he's struck out swinging. Maybe that guy is still out there, but the candidate pool is shrinking and time is drawing nigh. He needs to get this done
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