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Nov 13, 2009
Lactulose? BTW, Weezer how was the transplant process? The wait and life after? The OH needs a liver or partial (not really sure at this point because between cancer treatments and COVID backlogging everything). We're in hospice now but the hope is to be able to switch to palliative and explore transplant options.
It was rough because I kept having complications, but my understanding is most people don't have as much. Had my transplant at Vanderbilt, and it's a great hospital. Full liver transplant. I couldn't do a partial. My liver problems caused kidney and heart problems. Kept having to get blood transfusions because my blood went wonky. Had an aneurysm in my spleen that had to be fixed, and a bout with C diff. To top it all off, I fell and broke my back 5 months after transplant. All the steroids leave your bones brittle.

My cirrhosis put me in the hospital on May 18th, my birthday. Went in to UT here in Knoxville. Stayed there a little over a week before I was taken by ambulance to Vanderbilt. Got my transplant on June 9th. Spent about a week in the regular hospital before being transferred to the rehab hospital there. Finally got released on July 3rd, but had to stay in the Nashville area for continued monitoring. Kept going in and out of the hospital as complications arose. Several times I had to go just for blood transfusions. It was October 21st when I finally got to come home to Knoxville, oddly enough, my dad's birthday, who had passed from liver cancer the year before. We were both fighting liver issues, but his health and age disqualified him from the transplant list. I was home less than a month before I fell and broke my back. Just had a bad dizzy spell and missed when I tried to grab a hold of something to steady myself. Wasn't even a bad fall, but like I said, the steroids leave your bones brittle for a time.

Still go back to Vanderbilt for regular check ups. Just about all of my health care is there. I have a PCP here, but my liver doctor, my kidney doctor, my heart doctor...all of my specialists are at Vanderbilt.


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Jan 21, 2021
Body aches and extreme exhaustion. What causes that? No fever, no trouble breathing, none of the other things I hear associated with COVID.[/QUOTE
likely Covid. Whole family had it. Only two had symptoms. One felt tired and blah, but that’s it. Other had no smell, fever, and aches. 80 year old neighbor had it with no fever, no breathing issues, but extreme exhaustion.

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