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Jan 11, 2012
Lawson speaks more to that fact he was better than being replaced by ...... nobody.

Deboard was an upgrade over his original staff.

Butch Jones limited Shoop. Look what he did before and after.

His best coaches weren't on his first staff. This is revisionist history.
But you are kind of making our point. His best staff was probably his first. Maybe not the best collection of talented coaches. I don’t care about parts- I care about the whole.

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Aug 12, 2009
I guess what I meant was was his UCF defense’s as bad as the numbers say?
I've said since he got hired that whether he is successful here or not depends on his defensive staff hires and if they can put a relatively good defense on the field. According to everybody he is not bringing his D staff from UCF so that is not a worry.

The exact same thing would apply to Kiffin and Freeze too however which this board was lusting after so much.


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Jul 31, 2011
It’s a big deal, because in the modern era perception is everything. When people start leaking that we talked to people during a search, it makes everyone know that who we hired might be 4th or 5th on the list which makes the university look weak.

UT needs to
1. stop doing coaching searches so often
2. Stop having every media person know who gets contacted
If JH closes his practices like Pruitt, the media will lose their sh^t :):):)
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Sep 2, 2018
No...he isn't. Butch was a damn moron..White is one of the most respected cats in the business.
It was tongue and cheek to Butch’s comment.

I always found that one and “We do our research, have you done your research?” As two of the most ridiculous things ever said in a press conference. Which is why I laugh every time I think about DW saying it to himself.


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Oct 15, 2015
What are your thoughts?
I haven’t watched any UCF games yet haven’t had the time. But those are the 3 games I’m gonna watch tonight or tomorrow

I actually had to break down mizzou film a lot when he was there. I was always a fan of the offense and think it’ll 100% work here. His offense gets the most out of players and covers up weaknesses. He built that offense and is the reason Dooley had success in 2018. The biggest question was he had a few duds in 2017, Scar, Auburn and Purdue. They had a really hard time scoring many points those 3 games and couldn’t move the ball at all vs Purdue I think they had around 190 yards. But then his offense exploded right after the Auburn game and regularly put up 40+. So there will probably be some games where we’re shut down especially early in the year. Installing a whole new offense the players will need to adapt and learn. QB stats will be great regardless of who the QB is, his offense puts the QB in great position. But if Bailey/Salter can live up to the hype and get the mental part of the game down then it’ll elevate the offense that much more


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Nov 13, 2009
I don’t think CJH should be in a hurry to get a DC, take your time and get the right guy the first time. This NSD is small beans in the big picture and we now have the transfer market to fill holes short term.

Get the right guy and attack the 2022 class.
Take too much time and those kids in the portal pick other schools. More defensive players on our team start looking around because they have no idea who's going to coach them. It does not benefit us to stretch this out. JH needs to move quickly. Sure, find a guy you mesh with, but do it quickly. Otherwise, we'll have no chance to address filling defensive holes for next season. This is about more than the '22 class. We need to be able to field a good defense next year.

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