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Jul 7, 2005
Was Fulmer up to something? Hiring Steele made no sense at the time, and even less now. Tee seems devastated that he did not get the HC job. Did Fulmer have a vision of Tee as HC, Steele as DC, and Chaney as OC? Was he hoping that he could convince the new AD that most of the staff needed were in place, and under contract already? Maybe he told Tee what he was up to and that is why Tee is so disappointed? His Hail Mary at preserving his legacy? Maybe I'm just making something out of nothing.
i think at the time fulmer expected to be here as per originally planned, and Steele was his 'in case of emergency, break glass' guy. now, i don't know what Tee was told by fulmer, but i get the impression he was part of that emergency plan in some way.

and once fulmer got the git.............all bets are off and likely err'body associated w/the old guard saw the writing on the wall more or less.

you could tell from the press conference last Monday that he was still in shock....i'd imagine the same could be said of all those that thought they'd have been part of the contingency plan, post pruitt....

it sucks for Tee and Jay, i hate it for them. to go thru the pay cut deal and all that came with that going public, and just how this whole thing ended for does suck. don't blame them for any hurt feelings or whatever, but the reality is, there were some really bad decisions made along the way and pruitt bears the lion's share of the blame, but a very healthy side dish of it is on Fulmer's plate.....they're just caught up in the wake of the mess and simply weren't going to be part of the plans going forward....and i don't blame the new guard for that either. their job is to move forward.


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Feb 19, 2015
I’m out on Steele, evidently his defenses fall apart if they see 60+ plays per analytics. A guy like Arnette would be able to handle high play volume, so I’m good with that. And I assume the 3-3-5 requires big DL which we have in spades
Have Tank put on 10 lbs and move him to one of the linebackers.


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May 29, 2014
Some dude on VQ posted something, pretty specific, about what was going on with our head coach, some assistant coaches and players regarding the investigation. I don't know why but I saved it to a word document before it was deleted. I hope the guy was just blowing smoke because it was pretty bad stuff.
I would like to see. Can you email it to ? I will not show it on here if that is your wish.
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