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Apr 3, 2011
This idea bothers me. You think DW never had any real intention or desire to aim higher than JH? I get it. We're in dire straights. But the idea that our AD had no intention of actually pursuing big fish, that he started out willing to settle for far less, that bothers me.
I looked at it more likely that he already knew that the big fish would rather stay where they were than try to run into our burning building to try to save us.
He already had his safety net in place. When it became apparent to him that the acceptable big fish were all “no thanks “, then he moved quickly to his preferred coach. I think that is much better than having a string of second level coaches also say no...


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Oct 23, 2013
What about the O line? Are they going to disappoint again or will they surprise and perform better for a different coach?
I think that’s the key. All the other pieces are there.
Great question. I have to say it is TBD on a few things. First, we need to hire a legit O line coach and developer of talent because we are not completely depleted of talent. Mays, Kennedy, Johnson, Spraggins, Wright, and a few more would be serviceable. Second, can Heupel infuse quick passing game to influence opposing defenses to not put 7 to 8 in the box. We all know that we will not be a smash mouth football team running this offense. That being said, this actually tends to help O lineman out quite a bit for not having to hold up one on one for a 5 step drop or long play action double move route like we have seen over the past years where our line gets whipped early and the play is busted almost immediately. If you add in to the mix the threat of our QB being mobile this will also keep opposing defenses from pinning their ears back post Dobbs. Again, all revolves around controlling the line of scrimmage but controlling the line of scrimmage should not solely be looked at as pushing the opposing team three yards off the ball every play. If we go warp speed with no substitutions on drives and can catch defenses in wrong personnel groupings, points, big plays, and clock control will all be possible with our current roster. I have faith that Heupel can take his new roster and get so much more out of it than our previous staff. Line included. In the past, let’s say Trey Smith pancakes his man but Wanya whiffs, the play is still not going to work. Cohesion of the line will look different than simply a hat on a hat football. Also, we all know that the defensive coaching staff that is hired is the key to success. If we can get a few 3 and outs mixed with sustained drives at warp speed, the opposing defense will be sucking air by the second and fourth quarters of games. The next few days will tell a lot about what to expect depending on the assistant coaches we surround our players and coach Heupel with.


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May 29, 2009

-Nobody gains more yards than UCF (619.1 per game).
- Nobody throws for more yards than the Knights (396.9 per game).
-Nobody runs more plays than UCF (86.5 per game).
- Nobody produces more first downs than the Knights (29.1 per game).

-UCF's offensive production the last three football seasons (2017-18-19) has been off the charts.

They rank as the only three years in history in which the Knights have averaged more than 500 yards of total offense per game (530.5 in 2017, 522.7 in 2018 and a school-record 540.5 in 2019)

Now comes 2020.

In addition to a pandemic, the football season has brought about a UCF offensive explosion that has dwarfed those figures from recent seasons:

In addition to ranking No. 1 in both total offense and passing offense, the Knights currently stand No. 11 in scoring (44.0 points) and 20th in rushing (222.3 yards per

If it holds up, the current UCF total-offense average of 619.1 yards per game would rank as the second-highest in NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision history--behind only the record 624.9 figure by Houston in 1989.

The current UCF passing yards per-game average of 396.9 would have led the nation in five of the last eight seasons.

**Heupel has averaged over 42 points per game for 3 seasons**

....Read that again
But everyone be like



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Feb 16, 2009
Looking at Mizzou’s 2016 schedule, it looks like Heupel’s offense racked up a ton of points/yards against cupcake teams, but did little against the SEC teams, so there’s more to it than just looking at the overall offense rankings year to year. 2017 is basically the same story, maybe only slighty better. I know some Mizzou fans and most of them back this up and were unimpressed with CJH’s offense there.
Saw this last night right after finally coming around on him now back to a concern. The hope is he will attract better athletes here than Mizzu and he has tweaked some things to add some Briles scheme to his system since going to UCF.
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Jan 10, 2011
Just saw an interesting conspiracy theory about DW and JH that I thought I'd share.

Here's how I stumbled upon the theory and it's also a good tldr: (tldr stolen from UGA board)

"Basically, UT was talking to White 2 weeks before firing Pruitt and retiring Fulmer for him. But, also that White and Heupel had already been planning on both going to UT basically before White was formally announced, saying Heupel had been interviewing for his staff (in Knoxville)"

Poster on UCF's board said that UT was interested in Huepel the day that fired Pruitt.

Heupel on Tennessee Radar (posted Jan 18 - 2:25pm)
"Heard a rumor that Heupel could be in the mix at UTK. Would explain why he talked to Tee Martin after Wyatt left and their TE coach.
Clearly would only benefit UCF. Supposedly some boosters don’t want Chadwell/Freeze because of their history with violations. if heupel does interview/gets Tennessee job then there’s a certain former auburn coach that considers our latest WR coach an “adopted son.”

Then the same poster follows up with this post yesterday.

How I knew - UCF board

"So everyone has been asking me how I knew that Heupel and White were going to Tennessee. Well I do have 2 sources: one in Knoxville and one in Orlando. Theres a podcast I like about Tennessee football because they’re absolutely crazy. I have emailed ome of the people on the show and we have a correspondenc. About two weeks ago, one of the hosts said that Tee Martin was having a “flirtation” with UCF. This came as a shock given that Wyatt hadn’t left yet. But I thought nothing about it at the time.
Then came the Wyatt news. I was fine with Wyatt leaving given that he sucked and he was no big loss. But then it came out that Kodi Burns was the front runner to replace him. That didn’t add up to what the guy said about Tee Martin talking to Heupel. So I emailed the host in Tennessee and he confirmed that Tee Martin and another “staffer” were talking to Heupel presumably about getting a life raft out of Knoxville. So when it came out that Heupel was interviewing Osovet I knew that something was up. Then I contacted my UCF source.
My source, who shall remain nameless, does not hold an “important” role at UCF, but this person hears a lot of gossip. So I trust this person implicitly. this person flat out told me that Danny White had been contacted 2 weeks ago by Tennessee. That they knew Fulmer was gone and they wanted White. Danny interviewed then and not last week as was stated in his press conferenc. That was a lie for him to save face. My source then said that White and Heupel met privatel. That Heupel had already been putting together a staff. That Tee Martin and Osovet were being interviewed not for UCF, but to see if they would be on Heupel’s staff. That Heupel had been talking to Kevin Steele with the understanding that Steele would be his DC. So with that information I posted the topic.
Luckily I have heard that UCF has gotten wind of Heupel’s and White’s plans and have a contingency plan in place. I know if Scott Carr is promoted he will go after Gus first with the understanding that Carr and Malzahn have a relationship. Option 2 is Brian Johnson.
so to sum up: I heard a podcast, spoke to the host of said podcast, saw the interviews Heupel was conducting, and then contacted my UCF source who confirmed Heupel was bolting."

I think that this guy at UCF may have gotten lucky with his post and there are some holes in it, but if JH keeps Steele then it starts to look a lot more plausible.

Anyway none of this really matters, we have a new coach that I hope brings us back.

So back to lurking.


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Sep 13, 2011
I’ll look at the offensive opponents of UCF a bit later but first I wanted to see how our national rankings compared to each other for scoring, offensively and defensively. Clearly Pruitt was never able to do anything on the offensive side of the ball but he was able to muster a string of defensive wins in the back half of 2019. I’d advise keeping in mind this is relative to our individual schedules. I'm assuming, which may not be true, that our new coach will have his own offensive scheme. Again, I guess it's possible that may not be the case, depending on who our new OC is. jmo.

ScreenHunter 627.png

The focus of our change in direction has been to solve our issues on the offensive side. Here is a look at the offensive scoring comparison between UCF and UT over the past 3 years, sorted by the strength of the opponents scoring defense and against our respective schedules. I think it’s obvious we have had better talent than UCF but maybe not relative to as much of our schedule. In any event, I think UCF’s offense performed as it should against most average or below average scoring defenses and not so well against top units. Our offense struggled up and down the schedule; it didn’t seem to matter how good or bad the other team was. We had JG. At a high level I think it’s easy to assume we will be better and more consistent on offense; however, I’m not sure the scheme will help us all that much against the better defenses we may face from time to time. jmo.

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Nov 2, 2011
Saw this last night right after finally coming around on him now back to a concern. The hope is he will attract better athletes here than Mizzu and he has tweaked some things to add some Briles scheme to his system since going to UCF.
Honestly though there is a big difference in pts all the way around in Just those 3 years


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Jan 11, 2012
It's not going to work on any fanbase. That is the way CEOs treat employees. We're not employees. We are the people you're trying to sell something to. Your job is to run the program and kiss our ass not the other way around. DW has to earn our trust. We don't know him or give a damn about his family legacy. We will pump that up once we see results but until then you gotta earn it. You can't bully us into going along.
This is an oversimplification. I have a degree from UT, and others started becoming a fan because it was engrained by family members. We are emotionally attached and want it to succeed. I have a vested interest along with many others.

I am a customer at Target and Costco. I particularly don’t care if the stock price goes up or down unless I own it. If I own it, then I’m more than just a customer.

I don’t consider myself just a “customer” of UT sports or the school, and I wouldn’t want people to say negative things even if we were losing.

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