Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

Ulysees E. McGill

"What's goin on Big Donde?"
Aug 12, 2009
Yeah, don't know what we're going to be. If our offense doesn't take a jump we'll be awful. But if he has the same affect on our offense that he had on Mizzou's, then it's absolutely there.

First three are easily winnable. Then there is ETSU or whatever it is. Mizzou is okay, not great. Ky is average. SC is horrendous. Vandy is awful. That's 8 potential wins right there if you get the sweep. Kiffin doesn't scare me. Dude has no defense. It can be had.

I'd predict 7-5 right now not knowing if our offense can truly take the leap in year 1 and not knowing who is defense is.
I don't want to bet on a huge jump year one. This particular offensive roster is going from one extreme to the other. Just thinking seems that we should expect improvement, but not extreme (like top 10 offense) improvement.

I hope I am wrong, and this roster takes to it like a duck to water.


VolNation Dalai Lama
Nov 13, 2009
I hope the NCAA doesn’t approve the one time transfer rule and all of them have to sit a year. Running out on their teammates before a new coach is announced rubs me the wrong way.
As I understood it, they didn't run out. They were told they wouldn't be eligible here. Not all of them, but Toot, Gray, Crouch, and JJ. Wanya and Key might have run off on their teammates.

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