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Bury me in Orcadian peat
Aug 4, 2009
Anyone ever see the Netflix documentary “Don’t f*** With Cats?”

It’s a 5 or so episode series about how this guy posted a video online of himself killing two kittens, and how people saw the video, became outraged, and the incredible efforts they went to to track him.

The guy ended up posting a series of videos, and in one he actually killed a person.

Long story short, the cops couldn’t even solve the case.

But this group of random people on the internet, using various resources online and solved the case, gave the info to the police, who in turn arrested him.

It was incredible.

Well, that’s Vol Twitter in a nut shell.
Yeah, except that sometimes you kinda get the sense Vol Twitter might actually kill somebody someday too.


Gonna fix all the leaks in this place
Jul 31, 2011
I thought this as well, but when you've been the QB and offensive coordinator at a place like Oklahoma and have a somewhat vague idea of what it's like in the SEC I think he's ahead of the curve.
Vague idea about the SEC? He was the OC at Missouri and hung 50 on us when he was there. He's seen the SEC.


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Jan 17, 2011
Guys and gals, my fellow Vol Faithful, I know some aren’t too thrilled about this hire. I get it, I truly do, but now is not the time to be negative. We are all one big, disorganized, ORANGE bleeding family that stretches across the GLOBE. We need to all be here for JH.

I truly believe that he can do great things here. He is a innovative, offensive mind that I don’t think we have had here since Cut, maybe Lane but that was short lived.

JH has developed some really good QBs and other offensive players and has put several in the league.

I think if we give him a chance and hopefully he puts together a great staff, who knows what he can do. Either way, he’s OUR coach. Period.

So please, get behind him and our boys, cause we need all of you.

Good days are coming VOL FAMILY.
Thanks for your post. Rethinking my irritable position. I'm still pizzed about the stool's representation of what they were doing. White had Heupel in his pocket from the beginning, so that tells me the stool + big donors knew from the beginning they were probably not going to get a big fish. So why the hype and show? Just say it's a tag team of White and Heupel and stop all the madness. I could care less about the money they spend, it's theirs to spend or not spend. They could have created great unity by saying it is a tag team because we know other top coaches will not consider this program with it undergoing an investigation. Simple and clean that most fans would accept as truth. The sale would have been complete and the heupel train could begin. The ones that didn't would always disagree with what they chose to do anyway.

It's the defensive staff, MV. Its all about the D with CJH as HC. He can't trot a staff out there that produced a D that ranked as bad as they did. A lot of track meet games produce .500 records at best in the SEC. Now's the time to get the right staff, not 2-3 years from now.

I sincerely hope CJH is successful and becomes a legend of the game.


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Dec 1, 2017
Defense is gonna need some serious addressing. Especially losing Henry T. I know there are rumors he might return, but not sure we can plan on that. With BT turning pro, and Toot and Crouch in the portal, ILB and CB needs to be addressed. Defense could easily cost us some games next year.
Henry T is back unless something happened today.

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