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Jul 14, 2010
No need in spinning it any way. With pending sanctions, we did what we could.

At this time, we are not looked at as a desirable place to coach. We are Toxic. Period. That’s the cold hard truth. If anyone sees it any other way you are delusional.

No amount of money is gonna change that.

Now, who’s to say we didn’t hire a good coach that can weather the storm, and put some points on the board?? We have two good kids at QB that will be coached up by one on the best QB coaches in the country.

If he brings in a good staff, who knows what will happen. Maybe he sets the world on fire and maybe he falls on his face. Time will tell. But stats prove he knows offense.

No need in being down and pouting about it, it is what it is. We tried and with how the culture and with the looming sanctions overhead, coaches won’t touch us.

So really you need to point the distain towards Pruitt, and this is what we got in return.
See I could buy this but Kiffin and Hugh Freeze was out there. Unless we are just scared of the NCAA, tell me why would this program ever bow to the NCAA? It's completely silly.


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Jun 14, 2016
That’s fine Bass! But he has to manage the whole team in the hardest conference. It’s more than just offense. It’s more than just defense.
It is. Which is why it’s so great that he’s been a HC and his offense has continued to be successful. He needs to nail the DC hire.


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Jul 7, 2005
Listen Linda, there is not one single fan base that doesn’t have people wanting their coach to be gone. Hell I bet even some bammers want Saban out. Maybe, maybe not. The problem is you can’t make everyone happy but let’s not make his stent here toxic before he even gets a chance.

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Dec 23, 2018
This is what I know. Josh Heupel does not strike fear in our opponents. Once again, other fanbases are laughing at us. We, as fans, were talking about actual big name coaches based off what we were told by the university's leaders and our supposed insiders, but once again, it was all bull ****. So now, here we sit with egg on our face, again. I don't believe in the media myth that it's our "toxic fanbase". That's a story concocted by media to cover for what's really toxic about UT, an incompetent administration and squabbling boosters. Fans will love anyone who wins. I hope and pray that despite not being the level of hire we expected, Heupel finds a way to do that. I'll give him every chance as a fan to prove he's not the disappointment he currently feels to be. But that does not change the fact we are once again the laughing stock of the country. As a fan, it hurts. I was hoping for better from Boyd, Plowman, and White, but right now, it really just seems like more of the same. It's time for this fanbase to just lose its passion and accept our once greatness is dead. At most, we are and will probably continue to be a middle of the road SEC program. Maybe we can hope to finish third in the East behind Florida and Georgia from now on. Hope that we don't get passed by Mizzou or Kentucky or South Carolina. It's sad, and it leaves me depressed. I feel like my favorite dog just died. I really hate this.
First thing my Missouri buddy said was “that sucks”. I work with him, he doesn’t have a beach house either.
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Oct 23, 2014
Other fanbases are passionate too and don't act in the same way. This fanbase got a coach fired because they thought he sucked and used his history as a scapegoat. Coaches make note and there are consequences.
No you’re clueless if you think this fan base has any power when it comes to getting coaches fired.
The FU money and FU admin are called this because that’s what they tell the fan base every time they make a move.


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Sep 7, 2014
McElroy also talking about UT’s toxic fanbase.

Idk guys, maybe that’s a thing?
Think it's optics.
Most fanbases give up if the program shows no dedication to winning. If UF or Bama fans act like us, it's expected because they're used to a certain level or entitled.
But when we show high expectations and demand whatever, people wonder "where do they get the nerve".


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Jul 24, 2010
SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE ADMINISTRATION AT TENNESSEE!!! May have been the stupidest mistake we have made yet in the past 13 years!
If you have someone bring you a list of violations that the current staff is comitting, you can not just hide or cover it up. That is foolish and begging to get hit with the death penalty. We did what we had to do. This is Fulmer and Pruitt's fault, no one elses. Our administration looked into the allegations and found more. Then they fired the coach with cause. There was no covering this up or hiding it. If you did that then the NCAA would really drop the hammer down.


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Feb 14, 2009
I would like to put something out there I'm hearing:

We all think Danny White hired his buddy and that it was a lazy decision - one that could have been made as soon as DW took the job.

However, I'm hearing a different story. We searched the country trying to find coaches who fit the profile we were looking for: clean with the NCAA, offensive mind with a legitimate track record in a P5 conference, and obviously, interest in this job through sanctions.

That list of coaches was very short. Elliott, Dykes, Leipold. James Franklin faked interest to use us for a raise and facility upgrades.

So, what I'm telling you is the only reason we landed on Josh Heupel was not that Danny White wanted him all along. In fact, I think it was the opposite. We turned over every rock, turned every corner, only to realize our candidate pool was very shallow. And while Heupel had reservations about taking the job, White's personal relationship with him was able to bridge the gap.
Does it concern you that Heupel wasn't even one of Danny White's first choices. I will certainly get behind our coach because that's the fan in me, but I've seen us do this time and time again. My first sentence is my worry.

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