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Oct 26, 2010
This is nuanced so bear with me. It wasn't that they avoided Sexton clients, DW just refused to deal with Sexton's middle man tricks. Sexton is known to use boosters he is close with (or media) to put pressure on ADs to talk to (even hire) his clients, without ever speaking with the AD. DW refused to play that game and notified Sexton early on they had to speak directly and he wouldn't respond to others being his messenger. Sexton (and a few boosters and members of the media) weren't happy about that, but there were discussions about several Sexton clients - but nothing bubbled up in terms of mutual interest. Punchline, if you want to control leaks, you minimize the use of middle men. That's why there were very few leaks until the very end.
Unfortunately, Sexton is the biggest agent in CFB. A good number of coaches are his clients.


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Nov 30, 2017
We're about to hand off the program to a guy who can't recruit. With scholarship reductions. Our best players are in the portal and I'm sure we'll see more after today.

This is Dooley all over again
He has connections in Florida. 3* in Florida is better than 4* in most other states. I'm not concerned with UF, UGA, or Bama right now. UT needs to beat the other teams first.


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Jan 26, 2012
First, that feeling you are experiencing is disappointment. This is not the flashy hire we are were hoping for. However, when you step back and take off the orange colored glasses, this is a hire that was expected.

Second, I will give the guy credit for saying yes. He knows the fans are not going to be excited by this and it is uncertain what the NCAA is about to do to the program, but he said yes anyways. To me that shows that he believes in himself and his system. We should all give him credit for that, because clearly some bigger names didn't want to take a chance on us. So if he is willing to take a chance on us, I will take a chance on him and we all should. Hell the expectations are so low, all he has to do is score some points and win more than 3 games next year.

Third, because of him being somewhat of an unknown, recruiting could be slow this spring, because people want to see what kind of product he puts on the field. However, a good staff with experience can help with that, so hopefully Graham, Tee, and Steele stay around.

Finally, all the hate on the "insiders" is pointless, they, like us wanted a big name and I am sure they are just as disappointed as we are, but that doesn't mean their info was bad. It just means people we went after didn't want the job just for the money. And given the amount of money that was mentioned, that is a good thing in the long run. Hopefully, this is the first step back of rebuilding the program and I hope the presser today goes well.

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