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Jan 29, 2011
He's 61 and has nothing to prove. Just depends on how much we're willing to pay him and how much he loves his alma mater.
I just don't know if him being a DC is sure thing. Clemson giving up all those points in a bowl cost him 4 years of being a DC. With our current Defense and the offense Heupel will be implementing, I don't think it's unreleaitic to see some 50 point games put up on us. That risk and getting passed up on serious chance of HC makes me think he may walk

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Sep 4, 2019
I understand that a lot of you are grieving about the hire, but most of you are just mad because you thought we were once again at a place that is attractive to these big time coaches. Sure it would have been nice to have a huge name but we have been played for 4 straight searches by “insiders “.

We all said we were excited about the direction of the program. Donde is a beast and DW is a super AD. Most of you said trust DW until a hire came that you don’t like and are too lazy to research.

This is why the media hates us. We don’t know where we stand and who we “deserve”. DW did not come here to suck at football. He will get JH the tools and coaches he needs to be successful. Get behind this for the players and recruits that are here and want to be here.
Ok... or we have been the model of dysfunction and still can’t get out of our own way. Seems we keep hearing the same bs and story with every hire. We will give them everything to succeed, we know what football means to this school, this is going to be a good hire. 3-5 years later, fire and rinse and repeat.


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Oct 7, 2017
Not sure what the future holds, but with explosive offenses trending now in college football, UT just became relevant in that aspect. The key is the supporting staff. White will help make sure the resources are there. This is where the FU money can come into play, if indeed it is really there. If the AD and HC can make crazy offers to a strong supporting staff, then things just might get fun on Rocky Top again. 🤞🤞 Go Vols!!!
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Jan 6, 2017
FWIW I think we will like the AD hire a lot more than the HC hire.
Welp...a lot of y’all chastised me for this...looks like I was right and y’all were wrong.

It much easier to hire a top level AD than to hire a top level coach. When you have so many coaches already making over 4 mil year backing up the brinks truck doesn’t mean ****.


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Nov 8, 2016
if i'm anyone associated with the is a day i take a break from my phone, lap top, tablets etc.....judging by what i've seen in the 20 minutes iv been awake, clearly not enough people have enough text

as for me, siap last night....i don't hate this hire. and i think it can work given a few things on the staff etc....

but the thing that gives me the sads, the most, is that we wound up here. our program is in a bad spot, perception wise, we have the NCAA hanging out again, brand new leadership at every level....and i bet on some level Danny White is walking around like "what the hell?"

so even with the money being tossed around, it's a huge gamble to take this has been for a long time, it still is today, and at some point there has to be a reconciliation with the reality of what this program is vs what it was vs., (most importantly) what we think it is.....

for 15 years we've watched this thing deteriorate in to this....we just don't "go get" anyone now.

anyway, i don't hate the hire.

we'll see how it goes....i would encourage you to chill. after 15 years, it's really not worth it....i will though, be focusing on how this guy and staff can succeed....not wasting time on predicting failure.

They need to save their breath and not even have an introductory words, sunshine pumping, or stats are going to buy any support of good faith.

If they want support winning is all that's going to bring it now....and better win quickly.


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Feb 17, 2011
I just can't believe Austin Price was right. How did he get it right? In other news, it was fun watching Heupel destroy the Vols in 2017 to the tune of 50 points. Maybe we keep Steele and he brings in Garner. Hopefully Graham stays. Optimistic about the support staff but more concerned that UCF had 10 opt outs last year. Is this someone that can rile up and unite a football team if you had 10 opt outs last year?

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