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Feb 16, 2009
Only thing I can think of is after missing the whale thanks to our own doing he thought about players talk and looked for who could win quickest with current roster. I’m sure players told him they have talented offensive playmakers that need to be put in position to score points while defense likely is bad no matter what with Pruitt defections. So he got the dude that scores a ton of points to make losing the first two yrs look hopeful
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Sep 4, 2019
To your first point, I think they tried. Both VQ and 247 said Franklin turned down 8 mil a year. They tried.

I think the offensive players willl be very excited. Bailey is about to be developed and turned into a star. Hyatt and others will set the world on fire in this offense. He has to nail the staff hires tho
They did not try. Yes this could be a good hire or a terrible hire. But to say they tried is BS. They went all in on Franklin and Heupel was #2. That’s terrible to have him as two.


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Dec 14, 2010
Staff will be the key to whether we get to bowls or not.... get ready because that will be our new ceiling.

So we go with a meh hire, but remember we apparently have a centurion card to spend what we want, so there will be absolutely NO EXCUSE not to pay what is required for a stellar supporting staff, NO EXCUSE.... if we bring in no-names, just burn it.
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Feb 3, 2016
Don't really like the hire, but people need to stop acting like we are some elite program that coaches fawn over. There is a perception of dysfunction that UT gives off and all coaches know this. Add in that to the coming sanctions, and you get this. People act like we can just throw money at a coach and he will come because Tennessee, or that White didn't try to make a home run hire.

Bottom line is UT needs to get back to respectability. We haven't been there in 10 years, and all we can do is get behind the coach and hope he can bring in a good staff.


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Jan 30, 2013
Guarantee if Kiffin was HC here next year and we went 5-7 but scored a lot of points there would be endless optimism. “Just needs a defense” - the same stuff everyone says about him now at Ole Miss.

But if the same happens with Heupel it’ll be doom and gloom.

I am disappointed in the hire. Also not surprised. Only UT fans consider this a place a coach would want to work. The outside perception is the reality, not the bubble UT fans live in.
Many TN fans just want to stick their heads in the sand and ignore reality. They think we can just hire anyone we want regardless of the circumstances.


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Jul 14, 2010
McElroy and Kennel basically said underwhelming hire. UT needed someone experienced in a rebuild, not a young coach that inherited a good team that regressed. Said they hoo he gets it done, he’s a good dude, but they have their doubts...

Then out of disgust I flipped to outlaw country and this was playing. Very fitting!!😐 View attachment 345612
That's what's kind of weird. Wouldn't the Buffalo coach of made more sense if he was going to do a rehire?
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Jul 7, 2005
if i'm anyone associated with the is a day i take a break from my phone, lap top, tablets etc.....judging by what i've seen in the 20 minutes iv been awake, clearly not enough people have enough text

as for me, siap last night....i don't hate this hire. and i think it can work given a few things on the staff etc....

but the thing that gives me the sads, the most, is that we wound up here. our program is in a bad spot, perception wise, we have the NCAA hanging out again, brand new leadership at every level....and i bet on some level Danny White is walking around like "what the hell?"

so even with the money being tossed around, it's a huge gamble to take this has been for a long time, it still is today, and at some point there has to be a reconciliation with the reality of what this program is vs what it was vs., (most importantly) what we think it is.....

for 15 years we've watched this thing deteriorate in to this....we just don't "go get" anyone now.

anyway, i don't hate the hire.

we'll see how it goes....i would encourage you to chill. after 15 years, it's really not worth it....i will though, be focusing on how this guy and staff can succeed....not wasting time on predicting failure.


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