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Jun 24, 2019
This is all pipe dream stuff. Not only has his record gone down so has his recruiting. Josh Heupel is also not getting Lebby who just got a raise at Ole Miss. Ty Simpson isn't going to come play for Heupel either. When UCF recruiting faltered, so did the record. Not a good look.

I didnt realize Lebby got a raise.....yup not getting him, bet we keep Chaney lmao


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Jan 21, 2012
If it's truly Heupel, our program is on the South Carolina level. We are a top 50 program now. Heupel won't compete for championships, he'll compete for bowl eligibility and the occasional 9 wins. Dooley's teams scored a ton of points but what did that get us? We will revisit this same topic in 3-4 years and we all know it.
You really think we are (CURRENTLY PAST 18 YEARS) more than that? Guys, It's not the 90's anymore.
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Jan 15, 2020
No need in spinning it any way. With pending sanctions, we did what we could.

At this time, we are not looked at as a desirable place to coach. We are Toxic. Period. That’s the cold hard truth. If anyone sees it any other way you are delusional.

No amount of money is gonna change that.

Now, who’s to say we didn’t hire a good coach that can weather the storm, and put some points on the board?? We have two good kids at QB that will be coached up by one on the best QB coaches in the country.

If he brings in a good staff, who knows what will happen. Maybe he sets the world on fire and maybe he falls on his face. Time will tell. But stats prove he knows offense.

No need in being down and pouting about it, it is what it is. We tried and with how the culture and with the looming sanctions overhead, coaches won’t touch us.

So really you need to point the distain towards Pruitt, and this is what we got in return.
You're telling me this guy is better than Freeze, Chad well, and Jeff Fisher?

Because the trajectory and lack of experience definitely doesn't reflect that.


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Apr 1, 2020
Man I can’t believe a top head coach does not want to come to UT a program that’s about to get put on massive probation with rumored 50 plus violations and no clarity on the situation.... ravenous fans that will call for your head in year two and a sub par administration and crap culture to overcome....

I mean it just does not make any sense. DW likely has no clue what he was getting in to at UT. He will lose his luster nation wide from taking this job most likely.


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Nov 28, 2009
McElroy and Kennel basically said underwhelming hire. UT needed someone experienced in a rebuild, not a young coach that inherited a good team that regressed. Said they hoo he gets it done, he’s a good dude, but they have their doubts...

Then out of disgust I flipped to outlaw country and this was playing. Very fitting!!😐 DC8BF7F7-65B1-4442-A19C-200878D32BB8.jpeg


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Jun 14, 2016
I'm mad busy today and have no prayer at keeping up with this thread. I'll give my 2 cents, assuming it is Heupel, positives and negatives.


1. Volnation will never learn to spell his name right. Heaven help us. His last name might just as well be spelled out in Thai.
2. Sanctions are clearly going to be bad, or the perception in the industry that they will be, because White had to work down his list.
3. He is unproven over time.
4. What we have seen in the short-term was decline, though there could be valid reasons for that. I'm not sure what the roster looked like when Frost left.
5. We miss out on the "flashy" hire that would be proven and bring stability. Greatly needed
6. He needs a strong defensive coordinator... possibly one made out of Steele.
7. Has not been the best recruiter and needs a strong staff


1. SEC Experience at Mizzou
2. Scores points by the droves. We've not seen that in years.
3. Developed Drew Lock
4. May be able to bring in one of the hottest OC names in Jeff Lebby
5. Should play well with Ty Simpson and help begin a nice domino effect in recruiting.
6. Excellent QB coach. We need that DESPERATELY. Who was the last decent one? I literally cannot remember...
7. No one knows him better than Danny White
8. Has experience working with lesser talent, not top tier Bama talent.

Ultimately, it comes down to this for me. He was probably not on White's Top 10 list. Few of us in life ever get the top 10 of much of anything of value that we want. Sometimes, it works out for the best. We were clearly forced into the same position Fulmer was in a few years ago... limited options. I'm not going to hold it over the AD's head unless I know for a fact he was given a blank check and only hit the 1st number on his speed dial and went directly to Heupel.

Worst Case Scenario:

IMO, the worst case scenario is that we are crushed by sanctions, Heupel is hamstrung by scholarship reductions and bowl bans and can never get his footing. He is used to building with lesser talent so he can make strides with our current roster while pulling in some offensive weapons. Recruiting may struggle due to lack of "star power" in his name, but I think a strong staff eliminates that concern. After a few years, Danny White uses his mulligan after we have cleared sanctions, built a clean program, and the job is now much more desirable. Yes, we always assume the job will be more desirable, but I've said it.

Best Case Scenario:

We've hired a young innovative offensive minded coach whose best years are before him and he has chosen to work with this AD twice. He has more money than ever to build a quality staff and he benefits from the program upgrade of being able to recruit to Tennessee. We don't know where the ceiling is. He could be Lincoln Riley.
All of this


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Jun 24, 2019
Serious Question, if you were Kevin Steele would you risk your reputation of being a good DC at Tennessee this year?
No because our defense will be swiss cheese this year.

Bowling Green - W
Pitt - L
South Alabama - W
Bama - L
Florida - L
Kentucky - L
Missouri - L
Georgia - L
Ole Miss - L
SC - W
Vandy - W

Another losing streak
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Jan 17, 2010
It’s a good bridge hire. He can help us ride out the years of penalties and get us 6-8 wins per season. Hopefully the offense translates and we’re scoring 40 ppg so at least it will be fun to watch us score points again. Then in 5 years the job will be more attractive (I hope) and we can reevaluate.
Very reasonable post. Agree.

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