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Dec 29, 2016
I see an awful lot of gloom and doom ignorant posts here. The guy is by all accounts, an offensive genuis. We have an SEC caliber DC on staff, to fill the defensie void. We are staring at numerous NCAA LV 1 and LV 2 violations form Pruitt, Neids and Felton, that could earn us a two or three year bowl suspension and loss of numerous scholarships. Apparently, 8 mil a year was not going to overcome that.

Worst case is Heupel gets us through the next three years and we get to start over again. Best case is he comes in and rebuilds the program and gets back to winning the East again. Right now, I'll take the positive and lets roll!

Doom and Gloomers, go root for Aladambama!


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Jun 30, 2015
Wonder how Atlanta Vol is going to spin this
No need in spinning it any way. With pending sanctions, we did what we could.

At this time, we are not looked at as a desirable place to coach. We are Toxic. Period. That’s the cold hard truth. If anyone sees it any other way you are delusional.

No amount of money is gonna change that.

Now, who’s to say we didn’t hire a good coach that can weather the storm, and put some points on the board?? We have two good kids at QB that will be coached up by one on the best QB coaches in the country.

If he brings in a good staff, who knows what will happen. Maybe he sets the world on fire and maybe he falls on his face. Time will tell. But stats prove he knows offense.

No need in being down and pouting about it, it is what it is. We tried and with how the culture and with the looming sanctions overhead, coaches won’t touch us.

So really you need to point the distain towards Pruitt, and this is what we got in return.


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Feb 3, 2010
To everyone in here b!tching about this hire (most of whom migrated over here from the FF for the coaching search): Take your a$$es back on over there.

At this very moment, we are a rung above Vandy in the SEC power structure, on par with SCjr and below Kentucky. Elements of our fanbase are toxicity personified. I would describe our administration as a sh!tshow, but that would be an insult to sh!tshows. And we are about to have the NCAA as houseguests for a couple years.

Our new AD (universally praised upon being hired...including the citation of Heupel as one of his "great" hires), hit the road with a briefcase full of blank checks and made some big guns say "no". And they said no.

What exactly do you want the man to do? Many of us (including me) have said, "If we are going to lose, at least let it be fun to watch" and this coach is more than likely to make us fun to watch. And maybe, by some stroke of overdue karma or good fortune, he will hire a DC that makes defensive studs want to put on the big orange.

Now go change your tampons and flock back to the other hystericals in the FF...the adults in here can hold down the fort.
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Jan 17, 2010
You are so wrong about people who dont like the hire hoping we fail. Very sanctimonious. I hope Heupel sets the qorld ablaze and goes 10-2 next year, but i just dont see it right now at all.
I think most of the people complaining do hope that they are wrong. I think, at the end of the day, we are Vol fans, first and foremost. There is a small segment, IMO, that would rather be proven right over Tennessee being successful. I can see that you are one of the folks who hope they are wrong and we kill it. Glad to hear that.


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Nov 29, 2012
IMO we should see immediate improvement in the offense and should get better over the next couple of years. My concern is the rate in which CJH offense moves and the strain it will place on the defense. My hope is that he will slow down the air raid he is known for and put more effort into the running game. The DC hire will be crucial and hope CJH listens to them enough that he slows his roll.

Jack Burton

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Jan 23, 2009
It’s a good bridge hire. He can help us ride out the years of penalties and get us 6-8 wins per season. Hopefully the offense translates and we’re scoring 40 ppg so at least it will be fun to watch us score points again. Then in 5 years the job will be more attractive (I hope) and we can reevaluate.


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Jun 14, 2016
Guarantee if Kiffin was HC here next year and we went 5-7 but scored a lot of points there would be endless optimism. “Just needs a defense” - the same stuff everyone says about him now at Ole Miss.

But if the same happens with Heupel it’ll be doom and gloom.

I am disappointed in the hire. Also not surprised. Only UT fans consider this a place a coach would want to work. The outside perception is the reality, not the bubble UT fans live in.

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